Introduction: How to Make Watercolor Pans

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Hello there! I wanted to make an alternative to watercolor half pans because I didn't want to wait for 1 more thing in the mail! This way also saves a lot of money because we are recycling. These are a little smaller than half pans.

Step 1: Materials :

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You will need empty gum packets and some scissors. That's all! You can also use a pen or the back of a paint brush to smoothes out the plastic.

Step 2: Step 1: Preparation

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Peel off any excess foil. Smooth out the plastic.

Step 3: Step 2: Cutting the Excess

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Cut off the excess plastic on the sides.

Step 4: All Done!

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Now you can fill the pans with watercolors. If the pans are too flimsy you can cover the outside of the pans with hot glue.
It's that simple! Thank you for viewing my instructables and have a great day!


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