How to Make White Batter Bread

Who doesn't love a slice of warm home-baked bread?  It fills any house with a warm feeling!  I found this recipe in All About Home Baking, which was published by General Foods Kitchens back in 1960.  It is easy, and so far has proven to be fool-proof!

Special thanks to Melissa and Sean, for if they hadn't put this book in their Discard pile, I might have never found this recipe!

According to page 1 of the book:  Baking is an art - you are the artist!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
1.25 cups of warm (110-115 degrees) water
1 packet of yeast
2 tablespoons soft shortening+
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar
3 cups sifted flour ++

+ you can use Crisco, butter or margarine

++ sift flour and then measure

Step 2: Yeast into water

Pour your 1.25 cups of warm water into a bowl (Mixer bowl, if planning on using your stand mixer)  and sprinkle yeast on top.

Step 5: Scrape, add flour and mix again.

Stop your mixing and scrape down sides of bowl.  Add remaining 1.5 cups of flour and mix (either by hand or with mixer set on lowest setting) until smooth(ish) and elastic.
Ric461 year ago
Try adding a little Almond extract to change the flavor a little. Also you can bake it in a large soup or chilli can. This give you a round loaf with a mushroom top. My kids love the mushrooms I bake.
lucek2 years ago
I like using whey instead of water. It helps browning and I have to use it up when I make cheese.

IS this the same recipe?
kborkey (author)  frisbeechamp19833 years ago
At a quick glance, the two appear to be the same, My instructable is for 1 loaf, your link makes 2.
koehavael093 years ago
l added the sugar to the water too and added a quarter of the salt to the water as well and the rest of the salt to the flour. Mine was great it had an awesome crust but the inside was very tender though i couldnt cut it cleanly. i had to freeze it then cut it, it freezes great too btw lol
BrianLocke4 years ago
Thanks for this, it was easy to follow and turned out great. I have noticed my Bread tends to rise in the oven some more as it cooks, leaving me with a muffin top sort of thing. I am not complaining, I like it like that. I have made this two times so far and my wife loves it. I do one thing different though.After reading so many other recipes for making bread, I added the sugar to the water before I add the yeast. that may be why mine rises so well.I am also looking at playing with the recipe some by adding more sugar or maybe honey to make a slightly sweeter bread.
Dolores Ann4 years ago
This is great a wonderful recipe. I made this bread yesterday and its wonderful. Its not a heavy bread. It has a great taste & smells heavenly and so easy to make. This was my first time to make bread and it was a great experience. I would make this again. The step by step instructions were awesome. Thank you so much
Thanks so much for this great instructable!  I have never made bread before so I searched for the most easy to follow instructable and yours was it.  My bread turned out perfect! It was so tasty and smelled so good that we ate most of it as soon as it came out of the oven! Thank you :)
kborkey (author)  hayley_maree4 years ago
YAY!!!!!  I am so happy that you were able to follow my instructions and can now enjoy home-baked bread!!

It makes for an awesome grilled cheese sandwich!