Easily bake bread from scratch without special tools. Make this simple round cob loaf by hand with just a jug, a couple of bowls, a flat surface, a cookie sheet and a spoon (and, of course, an oven). Neither machine nor bread pan are used. Few ingredients are needed (see video for list).
<p>I remember these as a child [about 7 to9] when living in the Italian area in Toronto.</p><p>They made a loaf every second day. I forgot how easy it is to do.</p><p>Thanks for reminding me :)</p><p>The only thing I might add would be to drizzle a little bit of butter into the cracks just before baking.</p><p>Some like this, some do not.</p><p>Also the water should never be above 115 fareheit or the yeats dies.</p><p>Just an aside :)</p><p>Thanks for the video :)</p>

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