Introduction: How to Make Wi-Fi Jammer in 5$

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For a long-long time i was trying to make wifi jammer for myself. In my quest I came across this video called How To hack wiifi newtwork. It inspired me to make something like that by myself. It's really cool if you want to disturb your friends when they using the internet. :)

Please check the legal regulations in your country before using it. Jamming transmitters are illegal in most countries and this device can fall into the same category (even if it’s technically not the same). My intention with This project is to draw attention to this issue. This attack shows how vulnerable the 802.11 WiFi standard is and that it has to be fixed.

Use it for testing purposes only

Step 1: Required Hardware and Software

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1. Node MCU

2. USB cable

3. Arduino Ide

Step 2: Setting Up

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  1. Download and install arduino ide from arduino website Link:
  2. After installation open arduino and Go to File > Preferences
  3. In additional Board manager tab copy this address and then click ok
  4. Now go to Tools > Board > Boards manager
  5. Wait for the processing. Then type ESP8266 in search bar, select version and install version 2.0. Install only 2.0 because on other versions it won't work

  6. Now again go to File > Preferences. Open the folder path under More preferences can be edited directly in the file.Refer the image
  7. Then click on Packages > esp8266 > hardware > esp8266 > 2.0.0 > tools > sdk > include
  8. Open user_interface.h with a text editor. Scroll down and before #endif add following lines and save it:

  9. typedef void (*freedom_outside_cb_t)(uint8 status); 
    int wifi_register_send_pkt_freedom_cb(freedom_outside_cb_t cb);
    void wifi_unregister_send_pkt_freedom_cb(void); int wifi_send_pkt_freedom(uint8 *buf, int len, bool sys_seq);
  10. Download wifi-jammer-master folder. Extract it and then go to Wifi-Jammer-master > WIFI Jammer > wifi jammer > esp8266_deauther-master > esp8266_deauther > esp8266_deauther.ino

  11. Now Select your ESP8266 board at Tools > Board and select the port at which Node-Mcu connected at Tools > Port.

  12. Change ssid and password in the code. Give any name and password.

  13. Now click upload. wait for the uploading to complete

Step 3: Final Check Up

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  1. Power up the Node-Mcu with laptop power or power bank or any other charger cable
  2. Now search wifi network on your pc or mobile. You must see your wifi name which you given in the code. Connect it by giving password as given in the code. in my case it's wohoo and password is 12345678
  3. Once connected, you can open up your browser and go to

  4. Now scan for networks. Click on your home network. In my case it's TPKL. Don't attack on other networks and try it in your home only.
  5. Go to attacks and click on deauth all. It will stop all clients connected to that network
  6. Try other attacks also

deauth selected:sends deauthentication frames and dissociation frames to the selected client(s) in the selected WiFi network.

deauth all:sends deauthentication frames and dissociation frames as broadcast to all clients in the selected WiFi network.

beacon spam:sends beacon frames with the same SSID as the selected WiFi access point.

random beacon spam:sends beacon frames with a random SSID .

Hope you all like this instructable


HassanR11 (author)2017-08-21

Really COOOL! Gonna try this out!!!!

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