Introduction: How to Make Wooden Cooking Spoons

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Quite a while back i published the pictures of some of my oak spoons i made, but now i finally decided to make a step by step Instructable. But anyyywho lets get to work.

Step 1: Materials

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First ya gotta get the right tools, here is just a quick sample of what you need, most of which could be done by other means.

-Wood (i used old oak flooring)
-Bandsaw (Coping saw)
-Small belt sander(utility knife)
-Curved chisel (this project can be done without a curved just takes a long time. It is just and extensive process with a knife and sandpaper)
-Linseed oil or other foodsafe finisher
-And a whole lotta sand paper

Step 2: Design

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Do some research

Start some sketches on paper

Finalize design

Step 3: Rough Cutting

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Find the piece of wood you wish to use. Use hardwoods and make sure it is safe for cooking. With the research I've done, woods like fruit woods and tight grained woods are best. Obviously don't use toxic wood.

With the wood ready transfer your design over.

Sharpie it on so it is easily visible

I had to first saw off the edges to get a solid piece of wood.

Saw out the rough shape with a band saw or coping saw.

Step 4: Time for Sanding

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I do most of the shaping work the cheaters way...with a small belt-sander. It works so well i just cant resist the efficiency . If you do not have a belt sander, you can use a sharp knife just as well. 

Shaping is a fairly simply concept just slip on 120 or so grit belt and sand away. Don't sand too fast and always stay in control.

Step 5: Finishing the Handle

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Secure the uncarved spoon bowl in a vice with wood cushions, and begin final shaping with the sandpaper. 

Get to the desired finished point and its time to work on the bowl.

Step 6: Bowl Carving

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Alright everyone, time for the bowl, the tricky part (not really).

Draw out the bowl size on the bowl

Use the wood chisel and carve away.

Be careful not to split the wood, try to just carve it

Cut from all sides and work with little force

You can use a hammer or wooden chisel hammer or just push it by hand.

Go only a little bit at a time, no rush.

Any questions, Ask away

Step 7: Linseed Oil

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I just wanna say that linseed oil is some incredible stuff....anyways...well yeah so when you're happy with the design and have finished sanding it thoroughly, it is time to oil it up. 

Step 8: Don't Stop Reading I'm Not Done

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Please everyone...i love getting responses. Tell me what I have done wrong. I learn mostly from my own experience and research. Always looking to learn a thing or too.



ANIRUDHT (author)2016-02-05

How thick is the wood?

Corinbw (author)2015-01-31

Great ible ...

so why is linseed oil so great... I made a pretty cool wood cup but I am angry because I only have mineral oil so if I finish it with that then I will just have raised grain and not a very good finish after I use it...

Where can I get a penetrating and hardening food safe finish?

Marcaine Art (author)2013-05-28

Looks good and clear instructions. Thanks this will be a project to try out.


explosivemaker (author)2013-05-28

~Has almost exact same can of oil

Turned out nice. I would image you wouldn't need to use too much force with the chisel since it should be sharp....

yes exactly however sharpening is a skill i yet to have mastered...:P

I don't blame you. Chisels I do not have any experience with....yet.

get to work then haha

sharbin (author)2013-05-27

My wife asked me if I could build a spoon with one sharp corner to scrape the edges of her pans. Looks like you beat me to it!

Haha yeah! whats funny about that is that yesterday my dad saw the spoon on the counter and just grabbed it when he was making rice. He didn't even notice that I had just made it, with later commenting how the sharp corner was perfect

explosivemaker (author)sharbin2013-05-28

They make little plastic scrapers for just that.

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