This is a neat little trick to make text in a word document appear to be longer. This is great if you don't have a lot of time to make something look longer. What we are doing is replacing the periods in the paper to a bigger text size. This makes it look as if you wrote more than you actually did.

Step 1: Find and Replace

After you have your paper open, with out selecting anything push "control + F".
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Wow! My one page zombie essay was extened a quarter page, and It had exactly 100 periods. Schweet! -RoAr
One thing that I find that is quick and easy to do is, if you only need it to be a bit longer, increase the font by .5. This lengthens your writing, but won't be noticeable if you are given a certain size to use.
The only thing the period trick does is change inner line spacing from whatever the original period font was to the new period font. If you are going to do this trick, you might as well just increase the between lines spacing.
a tip from someone who worked in a English writing lab for over thirteen years first never write on a teachers 'pet' subject find out if the instructor is into poetry don't write on poetry if you can at all help it if they are into Shakespeare avoid that ect second look for a wider then normal font or bump up the character spacing by five or ten percent
It wasn't you that worked in an English lab, was it? There are over 10 mistakes in grammar and/or spelling in your short 'paragraph'.
this is not a paragraph. this is a pair of informal tips,written in a spare moment. if my grammar errors offend you feel free not to use my tips, write on a professors "pet"subject, since you are smarter then me and have time to write smarmy comments instead of useful input two new tips (written in an informal style) read shrunk and white (sp) a simplified english handbook, it is one of the simplest most understandable grammer texts i have found read Sun tsu "The Art of War" this small text will teach you stratigies and methods of dealing with all sorts of difficulties.
You just topped your previous best with over 16 mistakes. Sorry, it's just that your boasts about working in an English lab for thirteen years seemed strangely at odds with your poor command of the English language. Yes, Art of War is a good read, but I haven't read 'Shrunk and White'. Thanks for the tip. :)
maybe I should have been a little more specific my expertise is in computers, hardware and software, I have years of experience training instructors and students in the use of word processors and page layout applications, I also helped students with research. my tips in the first post only pertained to subject selection and font selection, things I am well able to do, not grammar if my tips were about grammar your comments might have weight but since they have nothing to do with grammar your post is without value tips in word under format-font-character spacing click spacing- expand and slowly bump up the spacing of all the text just a little 1.2 or 1.4 don't get carried away or it will be obvious as little as 1.1 can make a half page or more in a document without looking off and if found you can blame the word processor "but professor that is the way my program defaults" proper citation of referenced materials can 'bulk up' a short paper one good long quote can add a third of a page or more but remember to set it up according to the standards for your class a paper well written,on a unique subject, or with an unusual angle, and a bit short will almost always get a good grade where as a paper full of errors or a tired subject that is a chore to read will almost always get a lower grade. Note this is only true for instructors that read and grade by content some teachers grade by weight if you find a teacher that grades by weight run do not walk away they are mostly tired and will not really teach you anything. writing tip when writing a paper always always write an outline even if it is only a scratch outline if your word processor highlights errors do not go back and fix them as they appear wait till you come to a natural break in your thought process if you stop at every error you will lose your train of thought
Thanks for the tips. Looks like a great addition.
Fair enough. Your tips are good ;)
I need to write an essay for a roller coaster i needed to build FOR 6TH GRADE!!!!!!!! i think thats a really stupid project. but this will help with the essay. thatnks!!!!
What is the essay about, How to build a roller coaster or just general info about roller coasters?
just describing like g's and ur roller coaster, and like wut its name is. teach wanted full page. well i gave it 2 her. with this!! thx!!
that could of been done by increasing the space between lines by selecting all the text, righrclicking and going to font, and increase the space either after a line, or before it. saves more time!
you can also you a larger font like comic sans or arial black
Ugh. I hate comic sans. Just bothers me. Too many people use it. I just use arial
Same. I die a little inside every time I see comic sans.
Comic sans has been voted consistently by designers and typographers as the worst font. Everyone, delete it!
Join the club:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://bancomicsans.com/home.html">http://bancomicsans.com/home.html</a><br/>
lol thats cool, I don't like to use comic sans but its big and I don't really care
Yeah, and have your teacher laugh at you for using Comic Sans.
Why wouldn't you just change the line height? You're text will look inconsistent if you've got a setence that spans more than one line.
old stuff. that's why long time ago in my college all works must be formatted with specific letter size etc etc etc
easy way double-space. ps. nice instructable. bobbyk881
now a daays teacher scan spot this easy.
Not really. I still use it all of the time.
o.k so let's say you have a teacher who has tought in a middleschool, and highschool, AND COLLEGE will they notice it? I looked at it and it looked fine
sorry for double posting but how do you make it normal again?
All I do is if my teacher saya size 12 font I put size 13. No one can tell the difference!
seen this before on another site a while ago<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.fugly.com/videos/7271/add-length-to-your-papers-for-school.html">add length to papers</a><br/>
Cool! I did not know there was done before. Thanks
I have a better method my friend, increase the spacings between the two lines or simply increase the font size. Hehe. But still thanks a lot, i wasn't aware of this possibility. Thanks again... :)
Sure Any time!
Haha, this is a great idea, but risky!
Still doing it and never been caught!! All right! Giggity Giggity goo! (Family Guy) :)
I may be wrong here, but by changing the font of the periods to 14, the line spacing adjusted to 14pt spacing. But only on lines with a period. That means if you end up with a line with no periods (long sentences) the spacing will be 12pt and may be notecable giving yourself away. My high school teachers would have caught this, all of them told you exactly what font and size you had to use on each writing assignment, that was 10 years ago, having them all togeather made it very easy to tell if someone was trying to pad their work. Unless you let the whole class in on this so every ones paper appears the same, the failing grade you may recieve for trying to pull one over on the teacher may not be worth the extra time it would take to just repeat something and call it off as a stupid mistake. As an instructable though, you did have precise, orderly instructions.
I was also concerned about lines without periods. And, hey, if you just want to increase the space, you should change the line spacing (which must be somewhere in the paragraph style settings) to something slightly larger than your current line spacing (like someone else suggested).
My high school teachers were the same way. However you can squeeze a little more out of your words by increasing the spacing between letters (if you do it too much it's very noticeable) and pushing the margins in ever-so-slightly, in addition to, of course, having the space between lines be slightly more that double. <br/><br/>It's not good for much, but if you just need a <em>little</em> more it comes in handy.<br/>
You would be surprised what it can do. Give it a try the next time you have to right a high school paper. :)
I wasn't saying it was a bad idea. I was just commenting that it probably wouldn't fly with the teachers I had. I guess I won't have the opportunity to try it 'cause I haven't been in high school for a while now!
Yeah. I do it all the time and I have never gotten in trouble for it. Maybe when you have kids. :)
Haha. I'm pretty sure that when I have kids I'm not going to <em>encourage</em> them to cheat... :)<br/>
By that time all their assignments will be automatically emailed into the school and put into proper formating probably. Scary!
I know teachers look at a lot of text but I certainly don't think that they will pick up on this... they can tell margins and text sixe but if they haven't seen something before they will perhaps think you are using a different font and ask you not to next time but I can't imagine someone being marked down for big periods. What I do to get a longer paper is set it aside overnight and read it through. Every single time I do this I find that something I had brainstormed and intended to include got left out. Another thing I do (not sure whether some teachers will mark down) is use somewhat indirect language, and one great way to not only lengthen a paper but also think of things to say is to use quotes.

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