Introduction: How to Make You Windows Command More Like Hacker

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In some movie Hacker and computer look so Cool.We also can make us computer more like the Hacker`s computer.

You only need a Computer with Windows 7(8/10).

Step 1: Open You Windows Command

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  • Press down your keyboard (Win+R)
  • And input CMD
  • The Command will show in the Desktop

Step 2: Change the Word Color

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  • In CMD window input command

    color [parameter]

  • The sheet is about different color to change word different color.

  • And you also can change the CMD`s background color.

  • color [parameter1] [parameter2]
    Parameter1: can change the Background color Parameter2: change the word color

Step 3: To Change You CMD`s Window to Different Size

This step is so easy so.....


MT HACKER (author)2016-11-28


Swansong (author)2016-10-06

Looks neat :)

iback (author)Swansong2016-10-13


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