How to Make Your Gum Super Minty!





Introduction: How to Make Your Gum Super Minty!

Simple, cheap, but effective. This will also make your gum last longer since the flavor is much stronger. Read on how simple this is. NOTE: Wrigleys Winter Mint is the best gum to use for this. Make sure you dont have Cinnomon gum, and get pepermint spray.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is
Breath Spray
A freezer

Step 2: Spray It

Unfold the wrapper, KEEP, and start to spray it. Just start squirtin' (come on, were not that perverted) and make it so that there is a good amount. Put the wrapper back on.

Step 3: Freeze It

Now put the wraper on, and put it in the freezer for no more than 5 minutes. Even 5 minutes is al little to long. Just so it is cold, if it is frozen it will be bad. Now put some spray in your mouth if you want and enjoy. A super minty gum.



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    thats funny when i read the comment about the 5 gum i was chewing some 5 rain!!!!!! lol

    5 replies

    Is 5 gum any good. The package looks sweet.

    yummy in my tummy! (mouth) get cobalt or rain

    tastes great. packaging looks like a pack of condoms, it's awesome! :)

    lol i was chewing 5 cobalt

    Sweet. Now I need to go get breath spray. xP

    this is kinda what they do with wrigleys "5" gum. except they spray like a hard candy coating stuff on.. that stuff never loses its flavor, i chew it a lot.

    :-). i never thought about freezing it first. Cause i like the gum a bit more firm at 1st bite.

    1 reply

    I know, but it is very effective. This is for when your breath smells like crap, and you have a date. Also freezing it makes the breath spray become part of the gum.

    smart, i would have never thought of this.