Today I'm going to be showing you how to make your house welcome you in minecraft! (As shown above)

Also this cannot be done on a survival world as it requires command blocks!

Step 1: Door

Firstly. Add a pressure plate in front of your door.

Step 2: Redstones

Now add some redstone (Repeaters on highest tick)

Step 3: Commanding Blocks

Now place 2 command blocks. In one put "/title @p title

{"text":"Welcome Back","color":"bl


In the other put "/title @p subtitle



And thats how to make your house welcome you! thanks for your time :D

<p>i don't know where can i find a command block... :(</p>
<p>wow, thnx bruh, ima uz this on every house i make! I'm guna put it on my tardis because i use the 1.8 tardis mod!</p>

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