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Introduction: How to Make Your Own Charging Box

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Before I start the Instructable I would respectfully ask that anyone who does not subscribe to the beliefs of the paranormal decline to post rude or destructive comments.  I appreciate the broad mind & spectrum of this site and would like to contribute so those who do believe have access to this kind of information.

Charging Boxes are used to keep your spelled or spirited vessels at peak energy. You can use practically any material when making a Charging Box and they can be any size you desire. You will want to choose a size that best fits your needs. If you wish to separate your imbued vessels for any reason you can use these same instructions over & over to make as many as are necessary. While Charging Boxes are not a necessity they are a helpful shortcut to more lengthy processes for achieving the same effect.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

Before you choose a box to use for this project you need to look at your collection & decide how many boxes you will need. Remember that it is not necessary to keep your spirited or spelled vessels in the box at all times, only when you feel they need a boost of energy, so you can rotate vessels in & out of the box. I would suggest creating one Charging Box at a time and not to attempt to make several at one time.

Step 2: Choose a Box

The size & material of the box you choose is up to you however we strongly suggest using a box made of natural material such as gemstone, stone, wood, clay, etc as natural materials are more receptive to the effort. Since practice in the paranormal is a personal endeavor it would be best to choose a box that best expresses you as a person and/or as a collector. The picture here shows you different kinds of containers we have used to make our own Charging Boxes. I placed a penny in the picture so you can see how big the different boxes are. You can choose a Charging Box of any material; metal, glass, ceramic, wood, papier-m�y up to you. You may want to make a box specifically for one or few vessels or you may want to make a larger one to house more vessels or larger vessels. The Charging Box you choose can be new, vintage, antique or hand-made. You can buy an item to use as a Charging Box and then add your own personal touches to it such as gemstones, ribbons, paint, etc.

Step 3: Cleanse Your Container

Before you start the process of changing your chosen container into a Charging Box you need to cleanse it of any residual, negative energies. These energies are natural energies that exist all around & attach themselves to everything. They can hinder the process & make the spell you cast less effective which is why we suggest cleansing your workspace before you start.

To cast this Cleansing Spell you do not need any candles, wands, incense or any other tool. You simply want to put the container within arm's distance of your body and place your hand above the container before casting the spell. You do not have to be touching the container. It is recommended your hand be about 6-10 inches away from the top of your container.

Spell to use to cleanse the object & prepare it for casting:

With the tides of spiritual energy
Wash away the plaguing binds
Prepare this space for great magic
To be received & bound eternally
A clean canvas for gifts to be given

After you cast the Cleansing spell allow the box to sit for 5-10 minutes before proceeding.

Step 4: Cast the Charging Box Spell

Now that you have cleansed your chosen container you are ready to proceed to the step of making it a Charging Box. You do not need any wands, candles or tools to do this. Again, have the container within arm's reach & place your hand above approximately 6-10" from the top while reciting.

Spell to use to cast a Charging spell on the box:

Wash and wear the little deeds do
Lighten the spirit and charge the soul
Resting, resting, now awaken!
Blessings, cleansings, tide and turn
Spawn the energy and let it rise
You are refreshed by these words!

If you are casting to use the Charging Box for spirited vessels recite it just as written above. If you are casting to use as a Charging Box for spelled/enchanted items change the word "soul" on the second line to "enchantment". If you want to cast to use for both spirits & enchanted vessels then use the words "soul and enchantment".

Once you have recited the spell the box is ready to be used as a Charging Box! Depending on your abilities in casting depends entirely on the strength of the magic behind the Charging Box.

To help strengthen the spell you just cast you can also leave your new Charging Box in the moonlight over night and allow it to absorb the moon's natural energies. The moon has powerful, rejuvenating energies that will increase the magic of Charging spell.

How do I know it worked and what class/strength did I cast it in?

The strength of the spell depends on the strength of the caster. If you are completely new then I would say you can expect a class 1 to class 2. An intermediate can expect a class 3 or 4 and class 4 or 5 is an experienced caster. The best & fastest way to see if you achieved your desired result is to place an enchanted object in the charging box and see if its energy is restored and how long it takes to restore.

7-10 days = class 1
5-7 days = class 2
3-5 days = class 3
2-3 days = class 4
1-2 days = class 5

Step 5: Using Supportive Items With a Charging Box

There are many natural substances that can be used as lining or as supporting material. These are usually considered offerings to the spirits or spelled vessels you plan to put inside the Charging Box you just made. These are not necessary but not a bad idea either. I will bold the text in the description of substance in the boxes to make it easier to identify.

You can use material such as a piece of satin imbued with spells. I do not suggest permanently gluing or affixing the material to the inside of the box because you may wish to change the material. Yours does not have to be spelled but with the 100 Free Spell book on our site you can cast different spells on material for your spirits to enjoy or to help strengthen your enchanted vessels. You can place one or more pieces of spellcast material in your Charging Box of any size.

You can use Earthen-made materials such as Sea Glass, a favorite of Dragons & sea entities (Merfolk, Loxy, Poseidon, etc).

You can use offerings such as a feather or shells.  A feather I use has a spell for sleep on it and I placed it in a Charging Box because the wand that was in with it was spelled for bringing astral visions through peaceful sleep and the feather enhanced the spells. You can also use dried foliage or any other offerings you wish, they don't have to be spelled. Sometimes you may wish to place an offering in the Charging Box with the spirit.

An often favorite is natural crystals and some love our casting gems because they are gemstones with bound spells. The crystals emit their natural powers and the casting gems provide both natural & enchanted powers to share with the spirited or spelled vessels you place inside for charging. Charging Boxes do not have to have lids. Open bowls as Charging Boxes make wonderful homes for any of your Spirit Stones as well.

Sand is a great offering (especially for Djinn) and, you can use enchanted sand, colored sand (as pictured) or plain sand as an offering.

You may also fancy natural, polished gemstones. Gemstones naturally have their own abilities and powers. They can complement and bring wonderful energies to your spirits and enchanted vessels. You can decide whether or not to use natural or enchanted gemstones.

Step 6: Charging Box Complete!

After finishing these steps & suggestions your Charging Box is complete and ready for use! You can now keep your spelled & spirited vessels at peak energy & your Charging Box never needs re-casting or to be re-charged itself!



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    Thank you for this!!! So simple and powerful!!

    Awesome Instructable! Thank you for sharing!!

    Thank you for the information, I have one question, I have bought/adopted a djinn and I am not really good when it comes to casting though, can I still do this spell even if I am not great at it?

    Awesome instructions except for those on their soapboxes clogging up the comments.

    Hello, I don't mean to offend, I'm a Christian, and I don't see anything wrong with use of  "supernatural" objects, I use Tarot cards myself, and read hand  lines, but this whole spell stuff I just don't get. You're not asking any type of God (or the right one) to bless it. Do you believe that humans them selfs have enough power to charge an object? And no, I'm not a hypocrite. I am a strong Christian, and have helped people in my area turn as well, and yes I have tried, and researched all types of odd religions. I know what I'm talking about, but do you?

    14 replies

    Real Christians do not use Tarot cards, that's "occult", so you are in some way contradicting yourself.
    Anyway, the author surely knows what they're talking about just as well as you do, it's just different stuff (that young girls seem to like).


    Really? Which "real Christians" would those be? I always thought "Real Christians" weren't supposed to judge other people, since that's their God's job. I'm confused.

    Dabbling with things like Tarot is not allowed. You seem to have assumed that I am one and that I was passing judgment - neither of those is the case.


    According to who? I don't care you if you are or aren't - what I'm saying is that there are LOTS of "real Christians", and some of them don't care. Jesus' sacrifice, according to those who don't care, was a new covenant, so NONE of the rules in the Old Testament matter anymore. Further, it doesn't say anything about tarot, as it hadn't been invented yet. Also the High Priest cast lots (performed divination) using Urim and Thummim, so there is a precedent.

    I'm saying don't assume you know what a "real Christian" is, because they're ALL real Christians, regardless of their beliefs.

    Jesus didn't repeal the old "rules" and replace them with new ones, which results in some ambiguity. The bible-series doesn't say anything about most of modern life, so you either draw interpretation, or say that it's not much use... A simple test of the matter might be to go to church with a deck of cards and ask if one might start a Tarot group?
    (You can't use high priests as a basis for argument if you've dismissed them already with the new covenant)


    There are lots of different types of christians, lemonie. and no such thing as "real christians". there are christians who take the bible so seriously they shun themselves from society. ones who don't understand it properly and, for that reason, don't find themselves "holy" enough to talk to God directly and, instead, speak to people who are long since deceased. Others take only certain parts of the bible literally and disregard the rest. while the bible says that you shouldn't dabble in "dark arts" and fortune telling, that doesn't mean it's not allowed. there are plenty of people who don't use tarot for what it's designed (i actually wanted to use it to plan storylines for my novels, but my parents wouldn't let me). palm reading, on the other hand, is completely different. it is used, not for telling the future, but the present and only for fun.

    You're quite right, but there's a fundamental of not touching the occult in a mainstream Christian faith. When people do take some guidance from horoscopes, palmists, tarot etc. they're not taking guidance from God. Believing in hidden forces and sources of knowledge is fine, going to the paranormal (other than God) for fun/information is not a Christian thing to do.
    Using cards for story lines seems perfectly reasonable to me, being forbidden is a misunderstanding of what you wanted to do I think?


    Which mainstream Christianity? I know plenty of mainstream Christians who read their horoscopes and visit psychics.

    What we're telling you, over and over, lemonie, is that in YOUR Christianity that may be the case, but there are plenty of others where it's not an issue, and where Biblical precendent allows it.

    According to all the Christian varieties I've been raised in / studied, yes, Jesus did establish a New Covenant, and erased all the old rules, and establish a new set of rules, including such things as "love your neighbor as you love yourself", "you come not unto the Father except through me", and so on. All those rules about bacon, and shellfish, and mixed fabric blends - irrelevant. Including the laws and rules about divination.

    Many historically important clergy members have used Bibliomancy, for example, as divination. Tarot is not appropriate, culturally, but divination and the occult - sorry, lots of it (from faith healing to psalm reading and on).

    All of this is irrelevant. The ible is not about tarot, or Christianity and the occult. So, you should take your mistaken opinions about what does or does not count for Christianity (and a hugely varied lot it is, from Amish to Unitarian to Catholic) and leave it be.

    The reply I just wrote vanished, so I'll just ask for clarification on "psalm reading" - is this Psalms or palms?
    I might type it all out again tomorrow...


    he means "palm reading" as in reading palm lines to find out information about the person it's being performed on.

    Yes I know what palm-reading is, but I was open to psalm-reading being something else.


    nah... it was just a typo... s and a are very close together...

    Quit telling me what I mean, moron. I meant pSalms, as in the book of the Bible.

    just thought i d let u all no i believe that Jesus died 4 all of us no matter what way we choose 2 show we love him.