Picture of How-to Make Your Own Chevron Design Upholstery Fabric
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A clear tutorial on how to turn striped fabric into a fabulous chevron design by cutting and sewing strips at a 45 degree angle.
Make a large enough piece to recover a vintage chair.

Step 1: Fabric folded at a 45 degree angle

Picture of Fabric folded at a 45 degree angle
Fold fabric over at a crisp 45 degree angle.
angelabchua3 years ago
i love this! I tried doing this once, and i was just too impatient and speeding through it and got all sorts of weird puckers in the seams and it just didn't look clean. I agree with below, you make this look easy. And a great i'ble!
dramirali6 years ago
Greetings all, I want to get my work (drawings) know. Any suggestions. The drawings would look really great on fabric
BeadSpinner7 years ago
You sure made it look easy...!
modhomeecteacher (author)  BeadSpinner7 years ago
If you have any problems,comment back and I'll help any way I can. :)
modhomeecteacher (author)  BeadSpinner7 years ago
Did you try it? It isn't that easy to line things up right but once you do, it goes quickly.
I haven't tried it yet - it's just that you made it "look" easy to do.
Sunbanks7 years ago
That's really cool! It looks really nice too.