Ever wanted to make your own full size custom posters but didn't want to spend $20? Well do I have a solution for you! All you need to know are how to use a computer, scissors, and tape. I stumbled across the solution when I was making the hoverboard from Back to The Future 2. I couldn't print the entire decal because it was too huge. I then split the image in three parts and printed them out. I then joined them back together and reinforced the back side with masking tape. This process makes the poster durable and feel like the real thing. After the board was done I realized that this method could be applied on a bigger scale. I refined the process over a few months. Now I can take a 4 megabyte picture and split in into 12 pieces, print them out, and then reunite the pieces to make a 2*4 foot poster. The materials are listed below.

1. A color printer. ( I used my school's so I didn't spend a dime!)
2. Masking tape or any kind of durable tape. DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE. IT WILL RIP THE PAPER.
3. A high resolution image. Preferably over 1 megabyte.
4. Scissors
5. A Computer

Step 1: Finding an High Resolution Image

Find a high resolution image. I am using a mario poster I found on deviantart. Good places to find high res pictures is on deviantart and google images. Just filter through pictures with the size button
<p>cool article but i using a Poster Designer from RonyaSoft...</p><p>very cool prog. :)</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing;)<br>Simple and fast software, regards!</p>
<p>It's really nice.</p>
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<p>Coolest. Tutorial. Ever. The possibilities are endless!</p>
<p>Coolest. Tutorial. Ever. The possibilities are endless!</p>
<p>I was able to create the images, but it won't let me print them. Any ideas?</p>
Sweet dude!!!

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