Introduction: How to Make Your Own Greeting Cards

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This instructable is a guide in making a simple handmade greeting card. It can be used to make Birthday party invites or other handmade invitations as well!

Step 1: What You Need:

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- some coloured paper according to the theme
- white card paper (card stock)
- craft glue
- glue stick
- 2 skewers
- scissors
- paper hole punch
- pencil
- flat nose plier (optional)

Step 2:

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Fold the card paper in half, and smooth the edge with your fingernail.
I used the flat nose plier to crimp the edge to give it some texture.

Step 3: Preparing Gift Boxes

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Take your coloured paper and cut out small boxes to your preferred shapes. You can use chalk to colour over some of the boxes, to give it some texture.

Step 4: Making Confetti

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Just take your different coloured papers and punch away! Collect the circle shaped confetti from the paper puncher and stick it on your gift boxes the way you like.

Step 5:

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Draw a straight line as reference on the bottom of the card. Then use this guide to paste your gift boxes on the card, using your glue stick.

Step 6: Making Ribbons for Gift Boxes

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Cut thin strips of coloured paper, hold it in one hand with your fingers. Then using one side of the scissor blade scrape the paper strip to curl it. Stick these onto your gift boxes using the craft glue.

Step 7: Making Balloons

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Just cut out oval shapes with small stems from the coloured papers in different sizes, and use these as your balloons.
You can decorate it with some of your confetti or chalk.

Step 8:

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Now you can attach using the craft glue two skewers to the sides of the of the gift boxes as an added embellishment.

Step 9:

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Glue the balloons to the top of the skewers on both sides and add more ribbons and other thin strips of contrasting colour paper to the gift boxes to give an added effect.

Step 10:

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