Step 10:

Now stand back and feast with your eyes at the most glorious of IWB holster ever made by human hands.

If you have questions, see me on Facebook at Veteran Holster.
<p>Thank you James. Very well done. You gave some good ideas how to recreate a hybrid I'm already using. Keep up the good work and thank you for your service.</p>
sorry if I missed it, but where did you get the belt clips?
so what makes these &quot;hybrid&quot; holsters? ive got one that came with my ruger lc9 crimson trace. but i just wanted to learn more about them.
<p>Hybrid is the term used when one side of the holster is leather and the other side is &quot;Kydex&quot; or plastic </p>
Generally holsters are either all leather or all kydex/plastic. These are hybrid because they combine the best of both worlds. <br> <br>The leather is much more comfortable against your body, and the kydex does not stretch and deform from multiple draws (or at least as much as leather does)
<p>I'm trying to be nice-I'm a private person and with the world going like it is I just don't want to be public at this time. If the world was nice maybe I could share; but we are on the verge of destruction and I'm preparing to try to survive a little longer.</p>
how would you make this into a under arm side holster.
Flaky, I don't know if you can. This is meant to be warn, as stated, inside the waist band. It is a homebuilt copy of a holster sold by the Old Faithful Holster Company. You can pick the degree of difficult of how you want to build it. Check it out. Problem with a shoulder rig is that you always have to wear a jacket to cover the weapon. There is no perfect way right now unless it is a small caliber weapon in a pocket holster.
If you google hybrid holster, you will see about 50 different companies making these, all of which look the same. He has simply taken a concept and put his own spin on them, IE making them his own holsters. If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would see many differences between his and Old Faithfuls, while also being different from all the other companies out there... <br> <br>Anyway, great instructable, awesome looking holsters. Keep it up my brother.
Gunner5549,<br><br> I'm a dis-ABLED veteran who hand makes custom hybred IWB/OWB holsters. Mine are not like &quot;Old Faithful.&quot; Although, on the surface they &quot;look&quot; similar they are NOT the same. First off, I make ALL of my holsters by hand. And, as such, no two are the same. I don't get my leather precut by some overseas company, As I cut my own leather and trim it to the final shape. I don't have &quot;molds&quot; for the kydex. I use a manual press and finish each shell by hand. My holsters don't required rubber tubing needed to adjust retention, i.e. the kydex is formed to secure the weapon with no needed adjustment. Unlike other holsters, I can cut belt holes in leather so that the holster may ALSO be worn outside on the belt, thereby giving holsters for medium and large frame guns &quot;double use.&quot;<br><br>Yes, &quot;old Faithful&quot; and others make good products, there is no disputing that. However, mine offer more functionality for 1/3 to 2/3 the cost of the competition. I'm not trying to become rich, and, I'm not trying to compete on a large sale. I'm a one-man shop setup in a second bedroom apartment. I'm a veteran just trying to put out a good product at a good price. <br><br>If you want to purchase one of those &quot;kits&quot; from Old Faithful, God Bless you. Have at it and have fun doing it yourself. But don't come here and try to belittle me or my product. If you want to compare, fine, buy one of mine and theirs. Then you can bitch.
Folks, this instructable was made for the sole purpose of showing you what anyone can do with time and effort. If you're interested in trying todo this as a business, this is a blueprint for you. If you have questions, you can contact me and I'll try to help you as best I can. You can find me, Veteran Holster, on Facebook or www.veteranholster.com<br><br>Respectfully,<br>James Singer

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