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Introduction: How to Make Your Own Neck Brace

When I woke up yesterday one muscle in my neck was totally in spasm. I threatened it by saying: "If you don't stop this, I am going to rip you right out of my body!"

Alas, it did not stop, so I used a towel and a piece of rope to make a neck brace, which really helped me keep from stressing my neck further.

Instructables member superlefty (who is also my sister) was luckily in town and was able to help me demonstrate how you can make your own neck brace too.

Check out her writing at It's awesome.

Step 1: Materials

This one is pretty darn simple, all you need is a towel and a piece of rope thats at least two feet long.

Step 2: Fold the Towel

Fold the towel into thirds the long way.

Step 3: Wrap the Towel Around Your Neck

Hold the end of the towel on your neck (preferably not on the front of your neck because that's where you breathe). Then, start wrapping the towel tightly around your neck.

Step 4: Wrap the Rope Around Your Neck

Wrap the rope around your neck firmly - you will want that support, but not so tightly that you cut off oxygen or blood flow.

Step 5: Tie a Knot in the Rope

Tie a regular overhand knot in the rope like you were going to tie your shoes, then tie one more on top of that but don't pull the tail of one of the pieces of rope all the way through. This is called tying a knot on a "bite" of rope. You can pull on the tail of the bite and the knot will come out, that way you won't have to fumble around trying to get it off.

Once the knot is tied, it's done!

I could barely move my head after I tied mine on, which was great since just about any movement made me wince in pain. This kind of head immobilization would be really good for stabilizing victims of neck injuries in a pinch or even just for dozing off on the airplane without having to worry about your head flopping onto your neighbors shoulder.



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I can't believe it but it works...omg thepain is almost gone!

Those last two steps are starting to sound a bit grim when taken out of context :D

Step 4: Wrap the rope around your neck

Step 5: Tie a knot in the rope

I found it to be a huge help. I use a long piece of ribbon instead of rope but it still worked out great.

Funny, I just wrapped a sheet around my neck before this.:)

About a month ago I had a neck sprain and I completely forgot about this. I really wish I had remembered!

god that hurt when i tried to put it on, you need to work on it a bit

i love your sisters site now. i literally opened it by reflex into another tab, forgot about it, and then read the WHOLE thing... its about an hour later now, im wondering how she knows french, and realizing i have about 7 unread email messages... this was a very special past hour and 14 minutes. im going to wait until it has been 1hour and 15mins......... NOW

Thanks, m[r/s]. latobada! I, superlefty the person, am touched by your kind words about superlefty: the site. If you come back frequently we'll do our best to entertain you!

She looks more than happy to help =p