Introduction: How to Make Your Own Personalized Power Bank (3D Printing)

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Power banks are useful things. If you have an iPhone, you probably know that the battery lasts about 1 hour. Make your own power bank to charge your phone on the go. Make it personal so everyone knows that it’s yours!

This tutorial will teach you use the 3D printing technology to personalize your power bank!

Step 1:

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1. Use a 3D printer to print the following model;

Notice: This model is printed with transparent PLA plastic.

Step 2:

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Download the 3D printing document.

2. Place the charging module in to the printed model to see if it fits. Do not permanently fix it at this stage, we might need to make adjustments later.

Step 3:

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3. Use glue such as epoxy or CA to cement the two parts of the model together.

Step 4:

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4. Use a soldering iron to solder the battery circuit together. Pay attention to the positive and negative terminals.

Step 5:

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5. Use sandpaper to smooth the case surface, and then apply paint to make it look good.

Step 6:

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6. On this model the eye area has been left unpainted so that the eyes light up when it is charging. This has been achieved using masking tape to cover the parts when painting, and afterwards the tape has been removed.

Step 7:

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7. Put the battery into the casing

Step 8:

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9. Fix the charging board in to the case with glue

Step 9:

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It’s done! Now you have a personalized portable battery charger (I will make more designs in the future to share, please follow our updates

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Do you know how to use 3D printing technology to make your own power bank now?

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iwilks (author)2017-05-14

What is the part number or vendor of the li-po charger board? It's much smaller than any I can find! Thanks!

iwilks (author)iwilks2017-05-18

Hi, me - it's me... I went and googled for quite a bit and found these which look to be about right. I'm not sure, but the OP probably is not going to answer...

Catfishjames (author)2017-05-16

1 hour? What phone are you using?

tcheupluk (author)2017-05-11

Sincerement bravo une merveille en toute simplicité.

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