How to Make Your Own Scratchtable





Introduction: How to Make Your Own Scratchtable

How to make your own Scratchpad/Turntable using a pizza box and an optical mouse!

Watch the video for an overview.

Step 1: Supplies

the supplies you'll need.

- 1 pizza box
(used or unused) in this case we're cheap so it's used and greasy.

- 1 optical mouse

- tape

- screw long enough to go through two pieces of cardboard

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Box

Mark a 1in X 1in Square on the lid of the box
Flip the Box over and mark a 6in diameter circle on the bottom.
Cut out the square and the circle making sure to keep the circle intact.

Step 3: Attatch the Mouse

Attatch the mouse to the inside of the lid using tape. Allow the "eye" of the mouse to look through the square you just cut.
Close the lid allowing the mouse cord to come out the side.

Step 4: Screw the Turntable On

With the box right-side-up, screw the cardboard circle into the lid of the pizza box ensuring that the side of the circle overlaps the mouse "eye".

Step 5: Face the Music!

The moment of truth!
Plug the mouse into your computer, open your favorite mixing, DJ program and test it out!
In my case I used FutureDecks Lite for Mac OS. There are comparable programs for Windows and Linux.

Rock Out!



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    eew. nice grease. thats the FIRST thing i want to rub all over my mouse and hands. maybe an unused pizza box would be more appealing (for me) thats a cool idea though

    If he uses a pizza box and the mouse is reading it go back and forth, can't you scratch by hand to mouse

    yeah you can but thats harder and doesn't have the same effect (and way less fun :P )

    *cough* 90%< *cough*
    *cough* every game ever *cough*
    what's with the MSC (mac superiority complex) everyone has?
    Just because your computer doesn't have corners or a logo with colors doesn't make it any better
    In fact, it just makes it more incompatible.
    I don't particularly like Microsoft, but come on, man! you can't say that if it wasn't for the 'Microsoft Office for Mac' deal MS wouldn't exist! That's complete horse s***! And maybe your pretty little white box crashes less. But for comparable computing power it could cost twice as much. I'll agree with you on the virus thing, and i think that Mac's have a lot of fun software, but i don't see Microsoft going away any time soon.
    I do want and iPhone though...

    Totally agree here. I recently got a Macbook and I keep getting continually disappointed that I can't run any of my favorite programs *cough*FL Studio*cough*. I keep wanting to go back to my PC...

     you can run anything you can run on windows on a mac

     ctrl click
    buy a mighty mouse
    tap with two fingers rather than one

    Can you use keypad gestures to zoom in/zoom out/rotate ect without extra software or hardware?

    On the new MacBooks you can just use the lower right corner of the trackpad