How to make your own Scratchpad/Turntable using a pizza box and an optical mouse!

Watch the video for an overview.

Step 1: Supplies

the supplies you'll need.

- 1 pizza box
(used or unused) in this case we're cheap so it's used and greasy.

- 1 optical mouse

- tape

- screw long enough to go through two pieces of cardboard

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Box

Mark a 1in X 1in Square on the lid of the box
Flip the Box over and mark a 6in diameter circle on the bottom.
Cut out the square and the circle making sure to keep the circle intact.

Step 3: Attatch the Mouse

Attatch the mouse to the inside of the lid using tape. Allow the "eye" of the mouse to look through the square you just cut.
Close the lid allowing the mouse cord to come out the side.

Step 4: Screw the Turntable On

With the box right-side-up, screw the cardboard circle into the lid of the pizza box ensuring that the side of the circle overlaps the mouse "eye".

Step 5: Face the Music!

The moment of truth!
Plug the mouse into your computer, open your favorite mixing, DJ program and test it out!
In my case I used FutureDecks Lite for Mac OS. There are comparable programs for Windows and Linux.

Rock Out!
eew. nice grease. thats the FIRST thing i want to rub all over my mouse and hands. maybe an unused pizza box would be more appealing (for me) thats a cool idea though
If he uses a pizza box and the mouse is reading it go back and forth, can't you scratch by hand to mouse
yeah you can but thats harder and doesn't have the same effect (and way less fun :P )
what progran did you use for that?
On the last step he says FutureDecks Lite for Mac OS, but I'm pretty sure you can really use any software that you can scratch in, like DJay or Virtual DJ
Any programs for the PC that this works for?
TerminatorX is a good linux one.
Can you help me out with tX? I'm having some issues getting it to run.
there a linux based prog they showed on AOTS (i think back when it was screen savers) but i for get the name
It can be any program on any system that has onscreen slider buttons But if you want names try Cubase Nuendo Audacity Even if you wanna be fancy with your volume on iTunes or Winamp, its still the same principle
<p>the video got taken off put it on again</p>
I'm sick today, and stuck in my room most of the day. It's 90 degrees in here and it sucks. I've been debating to go downstairs and take out my CDJs cuz I've been craving some DJing lately. This was the perfect thing to keep me entertained today! and so brilliant!
Awesome idea! But it looks awkward to use. Your hand in the video seemed like it was having trouble rotating the disc smoothly.
Very cool idea! Have you tried giving a live gig with them?<br/>We did something similar but then with TOILET SEATS. Check it out here: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/user/PleeReef">PleeReef @ YouTube</a>. We're <a rel="nofollow" href="http://pleereef.nl">| touring through Europe</a> with our ToiletStation right now :)<br/>
Can't we all get along i have both systems p.c. desktop and a mac laptop great for dj's and hackers/ modders on the go.but the only downfall of the mac all my favorite software dont work with mac
you could have just used the pizza itself and "hey presto" edible decks LOL when you get peckish take a bite from your deck (I'm joking by the way)
chalky, you wouldnt happen to be a member on stencilrevolution.com would you? anyways, what DJ program would you recommend for a Emachines running on windows? (nice instructable by the way)
yo chalky how do you get a picture in front of your name in that little box instead of a gray dude. im new so could you help out a little
To change your picture, go to the profile settings, upload a picture, and select it as your "Display Picture"
Cool idea, and simple enough that someone ought to have thought of it first. For the previous posters who didn't like the grease and the sound, I think they miss the point that in about 5 minutes with some noodling and an old pizza box, you can "scratch", no matter how it sounds. Bravo, keep up the good work.
yuck. the grease is not exactly great for th comp... 1 take your time, 2 use a clean box 3 don't loop 5 secs of music 4 record the sound from your comp...
so dirty!
wow, this is cool. how hard would it be to plug 2 mice into one computer?
It would be as easy as plugging another USB mouse into the back..............
sure, but what about configuring the computer so that you have 2 mouse pointers and they can both be used at the same time? i think you would need to write some software to do that especially.
Ohhhhhhh. 2 mice <em>pointers</em><br/>I was thinking having 2 imputs one mouse, we screw around with peeps in the computer lab by hooking up our mouse in the back and messing around.<br/><br/>Oh and that sucks that its for mac. IMO Macs suck. They base their whole product line on the fact that their users can turn a computer on or send a simple email.<br/>Windows (blech I know) and Linux FTW. <br/>
It sounds like you're scratching with a pizza box too! Hooray!
so you have to hold down the right click on the track pad in order for it to work, which leaves you with no hands left to cut
Way to think outside the box hahaha
Hey yeah, thats a good idea i always hate trying to use my mouse on onscreen slides and the likes on audio programs, good work But maybe a clean pizza box would be good for long term use haha Cheers

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