Have you played Tiger Machine in game room ? It is really a big machine. How about have a tiny one in your hand and play it whenever you sit down. Yeah, follow my steps and make a tiny tiger machine for yourself. Press each button and try to get three identical number especially 7-7-7. It would be some interesting sound and light  when you make it.
OK, watch the VIDEO before making.

Step 1: Materials: You Can Click the "HERE" to Buy Them

1. Seeeduino: This is an Arduino board and has some improvements than Arduino. And it is cheaper than Arduino. You can click HERE to buy it.

2.Tick Tock Shield: This is a board allowing you soldering a shield yourself and has many i/o parts on it. You can click HERE to buy it.

3.USB cable: It is a USB-to-Micro USB cable. And you will get one when you buy a Seeeduino.

4.paper box of Tick Tock Shield: You can use another box if you have a better one.

5.super clay: It is a kind of soft material which is easy to make different shape and there are many colors to chose. You can click HERE to buy it.

6.soldering tools: You can buy some soldering tools if you do not have them.
→soldering iron: Click HERE to buy it.
→soldering iron stand: Click HERE to buy it.
→iron cleaner: Click HERE to buy it.
→solder spool: Click HERE to buy it.
<p>So cool great job it reminds me of a casino.</p>

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