Picture of How to Make Your Tiny Tiger Machine
Have you played Tiger Machine in game room ? It is really a big machine. How about have a tiny one in your hand and play it whenever you sit down. Yeah, follow my steps and make a tiny tiger machine for yourself. Press each button and try to get three identical number especially 7-7-7. It would be some interesting sound and light  when you make it.
OK, watch the VIDEO before making.
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Step 1: Materials: You can click the "HERE" to buy them

1. Seeeduino: This is an Arduino board and has some improvements than Arduino. And it is cheaper than Arduino. You can click HERE to buy it.

2.Tick Tock Shield: This is a board allowing you soldering a shield yourself and has many i/o parts on it. You can click HERE to buy it.

3.USB cable: It is a USB-to-Micro USB cable. And you will get one when you buy a Seeeduino.

4.paper box of Tick Tock Shield: You can use another box if you have a better one.

5.super clay: It is a kind of soft material which is easy to make different shape and there are many colors to chose. You can click HERE to buy it.

6.soldering tools: You can buy some soldering tools if you do not have them.
→soldering iron: Click HERE to buy it.
→soldering iron stand: Click HERE to buy it.
→iron cleaner: Click HERE to buy it.
→solder spool: Click HERE to buy it.

Step 2: Build up your Tick Tock Shield

Picture of Build up your Tick Tock Shield
1. Read the guidebook before soldering while preheating your solder iron. You can also download Soldering Guide.

2. Put all parts into the correct position as guild book shows and solder them one by one. I really recommend you practicing it for a while if you have no experience on soldering.
I-robostein11 months ago

So cool great job it reminds me of a casino.