Picture of How to Make Your Very Own Professional Wall Clock
I made this amazing clock starring "The Zapper!' using basic office materials and a clock I bought from Wal-Mart for $3.49.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials you will need for this step include:

Wall Clock with removable face/hands
Glue (Optional)
Adobe Illustrator/Other Image Editing Program
Printer (Color Preferred)

Step 2: Disassembling the Clock

Picture of Disassembling the Clock
You're going to want to check the back of the clock. There's going to most likely be a notch or a tab that you can use to push out the face covering of the clock.

Once you've got the face covering removed, you're going to want to disassemble the clock mechanism. Don't worry though, you won't have to disassemble the entire thing, just the hands. There should be a pin that secures the two (or three - mine only has two) hands. Take it out carefully.

Next, remove the minute hand carefully so that it doesn't bend. If you bend it, try and bend it back into place. Also, The minute hand should come off without any trouble.

After removing the minute hand, remove the hour hand in the same fashion. It should not be hard to remove. But take care not to bend it. The minute/hour hands just rest on the rod that is protruding through the face of the clock, but they fit snugly enough so that they won't just fall off when the clock is held upright.

After removing the hour hand, remove the face of the clock. Try to slide the flat edge of your scissors into the edge and then pry it out - you will need it for later.

Take your ruler and measure the diameter of the face. This is important to know. Mine had a diameter of 6 inches. You can find this out by laying the ruler across the face from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock because there is a 180 degree line between those two numbers.

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am i the first one to realize thats that incompentet captin from futureama
towndrunk13569 (author)  Doctor Freeman4 years ago
It appears as such lol
wow! that shows populaur. (computer captins mist. ................ sigh phhft.) he's really retarded and a bit coocoo (lol clock reference)
fredygamer5 years ago
 Awesome Job! And thank you for providing the illustrator file. It would have taking me ages to do that. I'm going to modify it a little for my own taste if you don't mind. Great tutorial. will post an image when i'm done :)
towndrunk13569 (author)  fredygamer5 years ago
Awesome! I'd really like to see it when you're done!
 I took the illustrator file. and sort of made my own :)

towndrunk13569 (author)  fredygamer5 years ago
LOLOL that's an amazing design! Very creative I never would have thought of that
Ninzerbean6 years ago
These are fantastic instructions, thank you for taking the time (puns are all intended), I have a few questions: do you really mean Control+F for pasting? I have not tried that as I always use Control V. Also when you say I can edit the illustrator file to my liking - how? I use PS and Corel Painter but still don't understand how I can use your file as a basis. What I really want it the part with all the minute and hour spots marked so I can work with that templet by putting in my numbers or background - is that possible for you to supply?
towndrunk13569 (author)  Ninzerbean6 years ago
When you use Adobe Illustrator, the command for copy is CTRL+C and you can also paste with CTRL+V. This is for the normal paste function. However, if you first copy with CTRL+C and then use CTRL+F to paste, it pastes a copy of the original object directly in front of the original. So if you want to mess with a copied object but you don't want to move it from its original location, you can use the CTRL+F function in order to paste it back into the original position. I've got the original Illustrator file uploaded onto this site but if you really want, I can export the file as a .jpg or something and send it to you via E-mail. Just tell me what you want marked in the file. If you want the minute/hour notches and the clock circle marked, I can send it to you in an E-Mail. Also tell me what the diameter of your clock is so that I can scale the circle to the correct size so that you don't get any loss in quality when you open up the image in Photoshop. Just send a reply or PM with your message to tell me what you need.
Will do, thank you.
towndrunk13569 (author)  Ninzerbean6 years ago
Yes, when you are opening my file you are opening it as a PDF file which just shows the finished product as an image file. But what I meant is that if someone such as yourself is using Illustrator then you'd be able to edit it to your liking. You can only edit what's in the file (because Illustrator is a vector-based editing program) if you do it in Illustrator. But I can give you just the image of the blank clock with the notches for hours/minutes. Just message me with an E-mail address.