Make your own temporary tattoos with only a printer, paper, and celetape

Step 1: What U Need

Step 2: Cover the Top Part of Paper With Celetape

make sure the taped face looks DOWN

Step 3: Editing

Step 4: Print

Step 5: Cut Out

Step 6: Hold Down on Area for No More Than 5 Seconds

press it down hard
make sure it doesnt move
hold down for no more than 5 seconds

Step 7: Wunderbar

it may smudge when it gets wet
depending on cartridge
How long does it last?
<p>afew days, depending on how much contact with water</p>
<p>did the dark mark from harry potter</p>
<p>Nice, Gonna try myself. (And freak out my parents) ;)</p>
<p>Is it healthy for skin? And how do you get it off?</p>
<p>its only unhealthy if you have a open wound, that way it could enter your blood. it would come off easily with aseton and cotton. or just scrub it with soap</p>
<p>I'm going to try this! Thanks!</p>
<p>very cool... think I might try it!!!:)</p>
<p>very good .</p>
<p>My first featured instructable :)</p><p>Thanks Guys.....</p>
<p>Tip: Take screenshots next time to avoid pixel related issues ;) Other than that well done!</p>

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