How to Make Your Very Own TEMPORARY TATTOO!!!





Introduction: How to Make Your Very Own TEMPORARY TATTOO!!!

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Make your own temporary tattoos with only a printer, paper, and celetape

Step 1: What U Need

Step 2: Cover the Top Part of Paper With Celetape

make sure the taped face looks DOWN

Step 3: Editing

Step 4: Print

Step 5: Cut Out

Step 6: Hold Down on Area for No More Than 5 Seconds

press it down hard
make sure it doesnt move
hold down for no more than 5 seconds

Step 7: Wunderbar

it may smudge when it gets wet
depending on cartridge



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    afew days, depending on how much contact with water

    did the dark mark from harry potter

    Nice, Gonna try myself. (And freak out my parents) ;)

    its only unhealthy if you have a open wound, that way it could enter your blood. it would come off easily with aseton and cotton. or just scrub it with soap

    I'm going to try this! Thanks!

    very cool... think I might try it!!!:)

    My first featured instructable :)

    Thanks Guys.....

    Tip: Take screenshots next time to avoid pixel related issues ;) Other than that well done!