Create this cute little bag using only zippers. Stuff it with fun things like candy, pencils, money or makeup. All of the zippers actually work, and you can open it from the top, bottom, middle, front or back.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The list is short . . . .

1) 14 9-Inch Metal Zippers (use other zipper sizes to get different sized bags)

These metal zippers are quite pricey ($3.99 each) so this little bag cost over $50.00 to make, but you can use plastic zippers to save some dough

2) Thread & Sewing Machine

<p>Maybe you could put solid, round ends on it. </p><p>Up would depend on which zipper you opened!</p><p>You could even put a big button in the center of each end and attach a strap!</p>
<p>The button is a great idea :)</p>
<p>Have you tried it using one long zipper? You can make it even more interesting by buying 2 long zippers of contrasting colors, swapping sides (making a 2 colored zipper) and constructing 2 purses.</p>
<p>I have several incredibly long zippers that I haven't found a use for. Great idea!</p>
<p>Interesting thought </p>
You are a very clever person !
<p>Thank you Judy :)</p>
<p>I love it. Now all I have to do is sort my stuff and find all the stray zippers.</p>
<p>I know right? I love this bag and so do the kids.</p>
<p>You could actually use a few scraps of fabric to make the zippers open different compartments.</p>
Love that idea ?
<p>That is an excellent idea. I love it :)</p>
<p>I think I could work this idea into a busy bag for a baby I know. Add a few snaps, ties, buttons, Velcro, and a buckle. The kid will be able to learn all the important fastening devices.</p>
<p>Another great idea. I might have to try it</p>
Amazing! I have been collecting old zippers for years with the idea of making a purse just like this. Then I moved and gave up the dream because I didn't want to move a big Bag of useless zippers. This make my dream come alive again. Look out old clothes! Your zippers are safe no more!
<p>hahahahaha, put up a pic when you finish. I'd love to see it :) </p>

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