In the last installment of this years Halloweeny How-To's- Threadbanger gets Deadbanger as Rob shows you how to make an outfit like you've just gotten atacked by a hord of human hungry zombies!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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Zombie Clothes are just like human clothes with the added affect of suddenly being attacked that results in someone trying to eat your brain and tearing off your skin. So to make zombie clothes start with whatever you usually wear and zombify them. Get some clothes that you don't mind getting bloody and torn, you'll need some spray paint, scissors, and red fabric paint.

Step 2: Distress your clothes

Picture of Distress your clothes
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Take your shirt and attack it with scissors.Distress the crap out of it do the same with the pants.

Step 3: Making your clothes dirty

Picture of Making your clothes dirty
Picture 15.png
Take some gray and brown (dirty colored) spray paint and cover your outfit in filth.

Step 4: Make your clothes bloody

Picture of Make your clothes bloody
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Splatter some fake blood (fabric paint) all over- the shirt, pants, and tie too if you have one. Put hand prints and smear them over the clothes and even make some bite marks with pinking shears.

Watch the tutorial on how to make zombie makeup, practice some growls, and your outfit is complete!
tinker2343 years ago
wow i might modfiey this for a physcho killer cosutme
taylrock5 years ago
This seems way more hygienic. It makes the clothing be washable, plus you're really wearing 'clean' clothes.
Evil Bike6 years ago
Awesome! i like the bite out of the tie