How to Make Zucchini Bowls.


Step 3: Hollowing your zucchini

To carve out your zucchini, start by cutting the woody parts off the top and bottom with your knife. Try not to cut too much off of the actual zucchini center, or you will run the risk of having a hole in your bowl. This is alright (unfortunately what happened in the accompanying image), but not preferable.

Next, slice the two zucchinis into two equal portions, and proceed to hollow out each side with your spoon. Save some of the chunks of zucchini (waste not) for later by placing them in a separate bowl. If you are not using a hybrid zucchini, you may even want to save your seeds for growing next year (mainly if you are creating zucchini "boats" with traditional zucchini).

Once they are hollowed out, lather the insides with olive oil (you can go ahead and put in your spices now too - or you can add them later into your meats / vegetable fillers).

Meanwhile, you should begin cooking the meats and / or sauteing the vegetables on the stove (see next step).
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