These, days, the tools required for breaking your yearling can also break your bank account! Instead of buying a $25+ training lead rope, make your own using an old longe line and some lightweight leather.

Step 1: Materials

-1 longe line (whatever material you prefer for a lead rope - i used a thick braided cotton line)
-measuring tape
-cutting board
-very sharp knife or heavy duty scissors
-matches and candle or lighter
-leather scraps
-x-acto knife
-leather hole punch
-crochet or yarn hook
-sewing machine (or your hands)
-leather needle
-high-quality thread
Heya, that's a nice Instructable.&nbsp; I just had all of my expensive Parelli equipment stolen: 1 12' lead line, a rope halter attached another 12' lead line, and a hackamore. Arghh.<br /><br />Now, I have been thinking of making replacements from some quality marine line.&nbsp; I will use your guide here to create my poppers.<br /><br />Have you ever made a rope halter?<br />
Oh wow, that's too bad.&nbsp; One adjustment I would make would be to make the poppers a little longer, and if you can get thicker leather than what you see here, it would work better.<br /><br />I've never made a rope halter, but I've seen someone do it and I'd really like to try.....hmm..I'll have to work on that!<br /><br />Thanks<br />

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