Named by my friend Christine during a 'Name This Mask' poll on Facebook, Dr. Whoo is a fun, versatile mask/goggles combo that you can wear several ways and display as art when not otherwise in use.

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

What you'll need:
5-6 oz. vegetable tanned leather

Russian GP-5 gas mask from military surplus or e-bay

Two harness needles


X-Acto knife with #11 blades

Acrylic paint or dye and sponge or brushes for applying

Tandy Line 24 snaps and snap setting tool



Ball point pen

Leather hole punch

Oil tanned or similar pliable leather for straps

Optional 'tools':

Golf ball

Something with texture - shoe soling rubber, screen, wire mesh, etc. (I used a piece of metal grating with a ball peen hammer, a scrap of plastic shoe soling material, and the golf ball itself).

Edge beveler


Optional (but highly recommended) upgrade:

Scratch resistant polycarbonate to replace the glass gas mask lenses

Letter opener or similar to pry off lens cover tabs

Laser cut or print and cut out the leather pattern pieces. If laser cutting, be sure to do a few small sample cuts to get the settings right for the leather thickness.

If printing and cutting out from a paper pattern, hold the pattern firmly in place and trace on the smooth side of the leather using a ball point pen. Use the X-Acto blade to cut the pieces out. This will require firm downward pressure. Careful not to stand in the path of the blade as you're pulling it toward you!

<p>Very kinky!!</p>
Awww so awesome! Ditto to everything Seamster said (lol)<br>And can I say, your hair looks amazing? Such a vibrant shade!
<p>Where do I start?</p><p>Love the name. Love the design. Love that laser cut head form. Love the creative texturing tools. Great all around!</p>
<p>Thank you Seamster! And, you've helped me realize I've forgotten to include the vector file! I will post it this evening!</p>
<p>Patterns have been added as Step 2!</p>

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