How to Make a 3D Bunny Cake

Picture of How to Make a 3D Bunny Cake
Why settle for a boring pan-moulded, 2 dimensional cake design when you can have a beautiful 3D bunny as the centerpiece for the party? I've provided step-by-step instructions on how to create your own delicious cake that's perfect for Easter, your favourite 2 year old's birthday, or "bow down to our leporine overlords day". You can use the same basic construction methods to create a number of different cake styles later on.
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Step 1: Make a Plan

Picture of Make a Plan
First you'll need a sketch or drawing of what you want to accomplish. Try to get the proportions as accurate as possible so you won't drive yourself crazy trying to get it to turn out just right.

In this case I'm planning on 4 layers, with each layer being a 9x13 cake. The ears and tail are add-ons that I'll apply separately.

Step 2: Clean Your Workspace!

Picture of Clean Your Workspace!
The first rule of cooking anything is to keep your workspace clean. It helps to have a kitchen island that you can use to keep everything orderly. Spray it with a kitchen-type cleaner, and wipe it down several times with a clean cloth to ensure a clean surface.

Step 3: Preheat the Oven

Picture of Preheat the Oven
You'll need to preheat the oven so that when you put the cakes in they will begin to cook right away. Turn on your oven to the temp specified in your recipe. I also use an oven thermometer to ensure that the temp I set on the dial is what I actually have on the inside.

Your oven rack should be in the center for even baking.

Step 4: Assemble Your Supplies

Picture of Assemble Your Supplies
Since this cake is intended for a 2 year old's birthday party I'm just using boxed cake mixes and tubs of icing from the grocery store. For an adult party, or just to be fancier, I'd make the recipe from scratch. Either way you'll need about the same quantity.

Everything should be at room temperature to ensure even mixing, so take the eggs out of the fridge about half an hour before you're ready to start.

Clean utensils and a good mixing bowl will also help to create a great finished product.
vclarke3 years ago
im quite scared about trying to make one!! :) hopefully it will turn out right :p ???? cute bunny by the way!! :) :D
smilet1na5 years ago
Cute idea! When I made a similar cake to this I made the ears out of rice crispy treats, that way I was able to get the 3-d shape I wanted; when I was done I iced it up and if I do say so myself it turned out pretty spiffy :D
cupcake8115 years ago
Cute! Try making the ears out of fondant or icing, but it is cute already. Great job!
Lettucehead5 years ago
Cool! Looks real cute, and tasty!
cc5286 years ago
lol. I think I'll make this for my son's bday but alter it to be the Killer Bunny from Monty Python. Thanks for the instructable for it!
starrymirth6 years ago
Great cake! My younger sister's nickname is Bunny, and as I am the resident cake baker in the house I will have to bake it for her, maybe for her 16th birthday... :) will post pics if it happens.. :) I like your very descriptive style because it assumes no prior knowledge of cake baking... I wish I'd known that when I was starting out!! :) Well done!! :)
Sunny1246136 years ago

but i love the structure and maybe if you can
buy this at a local wal-mart,then use Fondant
for the ears instead of paper
Super cute! And looks tastey too (;
Clayton H.6 years ago
the ears should be made out of the edible paper that they put on the DQ cakes
SWEEET! I love it! great work. may i suggest making the ears out of icing so it can be all edible? you could make them lie down on his back. I will make this,
leebryuk7 years ago
You have succeeded where I have failed. Nice job. I never thought of nearly freezing the cake
Yum, and WOW!
Great Instructable!
It's one of the best cooking ones I've seen so far, you did an excellent job.
Those are a lot of cakes, and they look good.

Definitely will love to see more Instructables from you.
Amazing job, +1 rating.
(added to favorites)
Ha, what a cute bunny! gotta love those eyes!