How to Make a 3D Printed Slingshot! (With FREE 3D Model!)



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Introduction: How to Make a 3D Printed Slingshot! (With FREE 3D Model!)

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Here is how I made my custom 3D printed slingshot! The design is very simple, and it is a lot of fun to use! All you need is access to a 3D printer and a rubber band. If you enjoy this instructable, please favorite it, or follow me! I would really appreciate it!

Step 1: 3D Model

To make this model, I just made a slingshot shape in AutoDesk Inventor, and extruded, then rounded it. I made sure to make notches where the rubber band would go, and I printed it.

Step 2: Final Touches

I filed and sanded the whole thing to get it as smooth as possible, and to get rid of the bumps left from printing. Once it looked right, I looped a large rubber band around both sides and tied it to make sure it doesn't slip off. Sanding and filing is optional, but it makes it look a lot nicer than just using it right after it prints.

Step 3: Conclusion

I was really happy with how it turned out, and there are many different ways you could modify the model. You could add a compartment to hold ammo, or make it larger or smaller, or do whatever you want! If you make a slingshot of your own, please let me know in the comments! I would love to see what other people do with it!

Thank you for reading this instructable! If you enjoyed it, please favorite it or follow my account! I would really appreciate it!



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