How to Make a 3D Shadow Box


Introduction: How to Make a 3D Shadow Box

Welcome Weekend Warriors! This week we made a 3d superman shadow box. Fairly simple design, Box made of walnut, Butt jointed and doweled together. Frame is made of butternut with walnut splines which gives an amazing contrast! I glued a comic book page to the back, cut out a pic of superman and glued it raised up a few inches about the page...3D! Thanks for watching and if you would like more content please go check out my youtube channel, we are rounding 50 build video now! Thanks

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    Nice work Buddy I really like this. You did an Amazing job on it... Voted :)

    I'd love to vote for this one for the contest, but since it is video only and doesn't follow the Instructables format, sadly, I cannot.

    I love the box and your methods for creation. What wax did you use to finish the project??