Introduction: How to Make a 3w Wired Portable Speaker Boombox

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This is a creative recycling method for making a speaker.

Step 1: Tools:

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1.Soldering iron

Step 2: Materials:

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1.3w speakers 3.7v
3.A 3w amplifier(preferably pam8403. I used one from a old induction speaker)
4. A container
5.Audio jack/aux cable/headsets

Step 3: Making the Speaker:

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Connect them like in the circuit. If you dont know your audio input google your amplifier. I strongly advise to add a switch between the amp and battery. You can also connect a LED light in parrallel to the battery but you must add a resistor so that it doesn't fry.

Step 4: Testing:

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Test if it works.

Step 5: You Are Done.

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This project is extremely easy,cheap and loud. Hope you make one thanks.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-02-13

Great DIY speaker system.

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Bio: I am a young boy from South Africa who is intrested in this industry and hope to make it one day.
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