How to Make a Arduino+Raspberry Pi Robot Platform

Picture of How to Make a Arduino+Raspberry Pi Robot Platform
This is not the definitive story on Pi and Arduino orchestration. Just my version.
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Step 1: Berryboot

Picture of Berryboot
1. Get Berryboot.  Berryboot will allow you to download several Raspberry Pi images.

Step 2: SD Card Preperation

Picture of SD Card Preperation
Now extract the zip files to a blank SD card.

Step 3: Berryboot

Picture of Berryboot
Put the BerryBoot SD card in your Pi and boot it up.

2. Setup RPi with Raspbian Wheezy (first option).

Step 4: WiFi Dongle

3. Setup your WiFi dongle.  I believe BerryBoot will now setup your WiFi dongle on initial boot, which it did for me (even gave me the option to download the image via WiFi).  But, I had trouble getting my WiFi dongle pulled up after booting Raspbian Wheezy.

If you have difficulty with manual WiFi dongle setup, you might try this video.

Lastly, if you are looking for a WiFi dongle for cheap, with good range, and uses very little mAhs (the Pi can only feed about 700mAhs through the USB port).  You might try this one, $6.17.

Step 5: SSH

Picture of SSH
4. Setup PuTTY on your Desktop Computer.  Follow this video. This will allow you to begin SSHing into the Pi.  That way you don't have to look at a little RCA screen like me.  For those who aren't familiar with SSH (like I was before this video), the video will explain it.  At risk of oversimplification, it allows you to access your Raspberry Pi command line through your desktop.

You have to plug in your Pi's network number.  You can find this by pulling up your wireless hub's configuration page.  You should see what address your Pi is listed at.  For some strange reason, if it doesn't list the device name, just view the page while the Pi is up, then unplug your Pi and refresh the wireless hub configuration page.  The device that disappeared is your Pi.  I've never had to change the port number, but beware you might need to depending on your setup.
xiculan1 month ago

hello, is there the code for controling the bot by command line? or how do yo do?


ruhliar10 months ago
And how to uninstall the arduino software?
Is the idea just to make a more powerful platform for robots?
Ladvien (author)  immaturespartan1 year ago

Pretty much. It's a bit of a step-up from an Arduino UNO by its lonesome.

buckleybw2 years ago
Thanks so much for this great get started tutorial! In fact I've followed most of your instructions in a first project of my own and I wanted to let you know I acknowledged your great work. See my project blog. Thanks!

Ladvien (author)  buckleybw2 years ago
You're too kind. I apologize these instructions aren't clear, I'm a muddled thinker. I've read through your build, and I have to say, it is documented very well. Could I encourage you to visit letsmakerobots.com and post your build there :)? Those guys (and gal) are awesome
Thanks. I'll do that. I have an account but haven't quite figured it out.