UPDATE: Lets Make Robots, my home digital hackerspace, was purchased by RobotShop. I don't want to go into, but the new owners banned myself and most of the veteran members. That stated, most of the links there will be broken. Luckily, I was able to make a copy of my content (the reason they banned me) and moved it to a Github site--it was a hurried move, so the content maybe a little rough right now.

This is not the definitive story on Pi and Arduino orchestration. Just my version.

Step 1: Berryboot

1. Get Berryboot.  Berryboot will allow you to download several Raspberry Pi images.

<p>hello, is there the code for controling the bot by command line? or how do yo do?</p><p>thanks</p>
And how to uninstall the arduino software?
Is the idea just to make a more powerful platform for robots?
<p>Pretty much. It's a bit of a step-up from an Arduino UNO by its lonesome.</p>
Thanks so much for this great get started tutorial! In fact I've followed most of your instructions in a first project of my own and I wanted to let you know I acknowledged your great work. See my project blog. Thanks! <br> <br>http://pinkypibot.blogspot.com/
You're too kind. I apologize these instructions aren't clear, I'm a muddled thinker. I've read through your build, and I have to say, it is documented very well. Could I encourage you to visit letsmakerobots.com and post your build there :)? Those guys (and gal) are awesome
Thanks. I'll do that. I have an account but haven't quite figured it out.

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