How to Make a Baking Soda Volcano




Introduction: How to Make a Baking Soda Volcano

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been on here in like months! I know this instructable doesn't seem like much, but there are more coming. I finally had some ideas! To make this instructable a little more interesting, I uploaded some of my vacation photos! I just didn't want this to be it, you know? So, thank you for viewing and enjoy!

Step 1: Get the Ingredients

All you need is white vinegar, food coloring, baking soda, and a deep bowl with a small container in the middle. Make sure the container is at least a little bit taller than the bowl.

Step 2: Put the Baking Soda and Food Coloring in the Small Container.

Step 3: Watch It Explode!

Mwah ha ha. Also, to actually make a volcano, make one out of paper mache or whatever and then you can use this instructable.

Step 4: Vacation Photos!

Thanks for viewing my instructable!



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    Baking soda and vinegar is the perfect first science project for kids.

    Thank you! I was thinking that nobody cared about this project, because I haven't gotten many views.

    Don't get too hung up on view counts. Just make stuff that you like and share it.