I have always wanted to make this project but have put it of for ages until i watched the Dark Knight with my friend and saw the Batarangs in action and wanted to make it again so here it is. This project isn't too hard and should be a great project for any skill level. Click here for the video

Step 1: Template

So to start you want to print of a template of a Batarang cut it out and ether glue it on to the steel but what i would surest is to mark it onto the steel using a permeant marker as under the heat of the grinder it maintains the mark. Just search batman logos.

<p>That thing looks COOL!</p>
You're Welcome... I gotta get me some of those....
this reminds me of The King of Random's batarangs he did a while back
<p>Yea I have seen that one only difference is this one is my one is a high carbon heat treated blade so its a lot sharper.</p>
na na na na na baaat knife! bat knife!
<p>I am not quite sure what your talking about.</p>
someone being a smart alec
<p>Maybe I'm just dumb but is he wanting me to build a bat knife.</p>

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Bio: Hi may name is Jac and i am really into engineering and make a lot of weapons.
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