Step 4: Step 4: Sand It. Sand It GOOOOD...

~theme music for step 4~

Embrace the sandman within! Get to work sanding away those ugly corners. Not only will the board look nicer, but it will help it survive bumps and collisions later on in its life. While you're here, sand the top and bottom faces of the board as well. The final product should be a nice smooth surface all around the board. Like if I gave it to my baby cousin to suck on and she'd be ok smooth.

When you're done sanding, get a damp rag and wipe the whole board with it. This'll clean off all the tiny sawdust that blowing/brushing tends to miss ;)
You'll need a prepped surface for the rest of the design (woodstain/paint/bedazzleed jems)
<p>Can you give me your shape? This board looks so cool mate!</p>
<p>Sorry for the late reply but here is the template I made:</p><p><a href="http://i.imgur.com/A4QlXAn.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/A4QlXAn.jpg</a><br><br>Good luck!</p>
<p>i cant get onto it, it seems to have been taken down. could you possibly put it up again or email it to me please?</p>
<p>what wheels and trucks did you use?</p>
Oh and did you put any camber in the board?
<p>Hey there! So I didn't put any camber in this board - I didn't have the time to get that all sorted out, so it lies flat and DOES deflect downwards. Part of the goal of this project was to keep it way under budget so I actually did not use any hardwood. I point out that my investment was $15 in this instructable - from that you might be be ale to deduce that it was just regular home improvement store plywood! In a perfect world I would have used maple, but that would have at least doubled the budget and energy, though you CAN purchase board blanks at different places online (uncut board which have been laminated and cambered) though they are pricey and shipping is an issue.<br><br>So I hope that helps! This was meant to be a durable, functional, and good looking board. As I've mentioned before - I wouldn't take this board in particular out and about doing anything fancy - this board is a cruiser board, though you could apply the same techniques with higher quality (and more expensive) hardwoods to achieve that really robust effect. <br><br>Good luck!</p>
What type of plywood did you use? Pine, birch, oak etc.
great board :)
Awesome board, I will have to try to build one now.
What are the dimesions of your board?
This board's longest dimensions are 33&quot; from tail to tip and 9.5&quot; along the widest end of the body. It's a small enough board to not be a hassle like a long board but a large enough board to rest very comfortable on. I would use a denser plywood or laminate my own sheets If I was planning on making something longer like a long board as I feel it would flex a bit too much for my taste and may even risk breaking; however, as it is now it rides beautifully. Hope this helps!
can you make this out of plywood???
Yes you can use plywood, but just be aware of the benefits/limitations of using it. The main limitation is that you have very little control over the flexibility/rigidity of the board - you can't really &quot;fine-tune&quot; prelaminated plywood by adding/removing sheets of wood/fiberglass. However, if you are comfortable with the amount of flexibility or lack thereof, your board will turn out fine. I used 1/4 inch plywood with the fiberglass for this project and it is a very springy board. I have a short cruiser board with big fat wheels and I used 1/2 inch plywood with no fiberglass so is is a very stiff board. I made a board where I laminated sheets of 1/8 wood together and its somewhere in between. It all depends :) <br> <br>(check my reply to XP1's comment below to see how I picked my wood out) <br>Good luck!
One more question, how thick was the wood you used?
The wood I used was around a quarter of an inch (1/4&quot;). It definitely has some give to it so I wouldn't use this type of wood for anything other than a cruiser board. It wouldn't stand the beating that a normal trick-based skateboard would and it wouldn't retain its shape. <br> <br>However the flexibility really leds itself a smoother ride. With the fiberglass on it as well, I haven't felt like It was going to break and I don't see anything bizarre (warping, splinting, etc.) <br>I would test out the wood at your woodstore using the 2X4 method I described to the other commenter to really see what thickness you want. Its all about preference. A thicker wood obviously won't bend as much, and a thinner wood may break.
I have wanted to build a board for some time now. Looks like a great Instructable. Where did you purchase your wood? Was it Baltic Birch, or basic plywood, and if so how has it held up? Thanks.
I purchased my wood at the Home Depot. <br> <br>~~~This ISN'T something most people recommend~~ <br> <br>HOWEVER - this doesn't mean it is bad! I've made boards before using the method below and they last :D <br> <br> <br>What you can do is find some plywood you think would work well and have them (the home depot lumber department) cut you a rectangle just larger than the shape of your board. This shouldn't cost anything and you won't have to pay for the wood until you pass through the register at the front. Then, find 2 loose 2X4 scraps and place them perpendicular to the length of the board under the wood at around where you think the trucks will be. The wood will be elevated and will allow you to hop on (just like you would hop on a skateboard). If you feel like the wood is going to break with your weight on it or if it doesn't behave like you would like, get off and find a new piece. Place your cut piece of wood in the &quot;pre cut pieces&quot; panel of the home depot or just set them aside and you're done. :) <br> <br>This way you will not have lost any money, will already know how your board will feel, and will not have to spend a fortune on your wood. :)
You can also wood glue thinner sheets of plywood together too. I've done this and it also works :)
Thank you very much. I shall try what you have suggested.
Yea what type of wood did you use and where did you get it at?
Hey! So I just responded to the person below you. :) If you scroll down you should find what you're looking for. If you have any more questions ask away!
K Thanks and good tip!
Nice I think Im gonna attempt to build a board.
Go for it!
How well does this ride?
I only rode it around for a couple of hours the other day, but it seemed to be holding up nicely. It definitely flexes, which helps with a smoother ride, but I know some people aren't a fan of that type of flexibility. Overall it was a great ride though I wish it turned a littler sharper. :)

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