Picture of How to Make a Beaded Butterfly Key Chain
In this short step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to make a butterfly out of pony beads. It's very similar to make other animals as well.
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Step 1: Supplies Needed

Picture of Supplies Needed
To make the butterfly key chain, you'll need:
        pony beads (or similar type of bead)
        office clamp (or strong tape)
        braided cord (or other type of flexible thick cord)

Step 2: How to Braid the Chords

Picture of How to Braid the Chords
If you already understand how to braid, then just skip over this step, but instead you don't, here's how.

1.    Clamp 3 strands of chord to a sturdy surface, if you want, tie a small loose knot for more strength.
2.    Separate the 3 strands, one in each hand and the third within the fingertips.
3.    Move the strand in your right hand over the middle one so that the right and the middle switch places.
4.    Repeat step 2 but with the left hand, and repeat until the entire chord is braided.

If you want 2 different colors, than follow my instructions and braid both colors.

Step 3: Before the Beads...

Picture of Before the Beads...
When finished braiding the chords, tie a very small knot, and make sure it can sew through the beads.

Before you start applying the beads, remove the knots from the braids (if you chose to add strength). Tie a large knot to start the beads and keep them from separating.

Step 4: Apply the Beads

Picture of Apply the Beads
1.    Start with putting 3 beads on one of the braided chords to make the body.
2.    With the other braided chord, put it through the same 3 chords but the other direction, making the ends show through the opposite ends.
3.    Pull the ends tight. 
4.    Push them up to the knot where the 2 chords are tied together.