How to Make a Beautiful Fondant Cake Slice




Introduction: How to Make a Beautiful Fondant Cake Slice

In this tutorial you will see how to make a fondant covered cake slice! All you have to do is bake your favourite cake, cut it into a triangular/cake slice shape (cut out a template from paper first to see what size of cake pan you will need – you may want to make an extra-large cake slice for someone), cover it with buttercream or ganache and cover in fondant!

This cake is topped with a cherry but you can stick a small birthday candle in it instead!

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Step 1: You Will Need:

White fondant (100g)

Red Fondant (a tiny piece)

Brown Fondant ( 250g)

Dark Brown Gel Food Colour

Step 2: Tools You Will Need:


Sharp Point Tool/Toothpick

Edible Glue (to give the cherry a shiny look)

A Cake Slice Template (cut out from paper)

A Ribbon/String

A Ruler

A Rolling Pin

Step 3: Watch the Video for This Recipe:

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