Introduction: How to Make a Bic Stove

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Thing you will need:
-altiods tin(smalls)
-electrical tape
-a straw
-bic lighter(hacked)
-2 wires

Step 1: How to Make the Frame of It All

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This it how to make the whole frame of it all. First you need to take the altoids tin and close it and tape all the sides so no air can go out. Then youtake a nail and poke hole in the bottom of the tin, like it the picture below. Next put drill a hole into the side of the altoids tin and tape the straw there. That it the frame.

Step 2: Final and Optional Igniter

Picture of Final and Optional Igniter

Lastly you are done but if you want to add the igniter then you put the two wires onto the igniter and tape them down. Newt you tape the igniter to the altoids bic stove and you are done. Be safe and have fun!


tictaclad (author)2012-03-12

best mints ever!!! i have like 6 empty tins i keep them for things like this!

Everett_McKinley (author)2012-03-05

aside from the upside down pics, great job.

One little suggestion will make is smaller holes on the Altoids tin so you save some fuel.

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