Bikes and beer have a magical relationship. Wherever you find one, the other is likely nearby. Sometimes they combine and turn into a metaphorical Megazord of awesomeness. This bike rim bottle opener is one of those combinations!

In this Instructable, I demonstrate how I made 14 bottle openers out of a bicycle rim, spokes and chain links. Since the process of making one of these bottle openers means destroying a rim, you might as well make several of them because they make awesome gifts! Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Step 1: Optional Add On

You could just cut up a rim and call it a day. However, extra style points are earned by reusing a chain link and a spoke to create a hook to hang the bespoke tool on your bar/workbench/wherever. The process of installing the chain link on the rim was a serious challenge, but in the end I think it adds tons of style/character and was well worth it.

<p>using a basic drill mill or cross slid for a drill press, 1/2 inch end mill or 12mm , and for the angle part either use a dremel or a reversed 45 cutter. makes mass producing with a whole rim or several rims, easily made in an afternoon. also you can get creative and use chain links between sections of rim to make a snake style effect.. </p>
<p>Nice, I made some of these a few years ago as well, yet getting suitable single wall rims on scale turned out relatively tricky. Precise cuts are quite a pain too. What's your experience with that? I see you cut more than one of these.</p>
<p>Precise cuts were labor intensive, but well worth it in my opinion. I used a four inch angle grinder for removing the meat of the rim and then a smaller dremel rotary tool and metal file for the final touches.</p>
<p>I've been initially thinking about creating a jig, but with all of the different forms a rim can be in it proved quite tricky. :)</p>
Made my own first prototype of those today. I'm really liking them!
<p>Thanks for posting! Is that an inner tube or part of an actual tire? Either way that looks awesome!</p>
You&acute;re talking about the Continental Logo? It&acute;s from the inner tube.
<p>Friggin Genius!! </p>
<p>Beautiful! The single link of chain to hold the spoke ring is the ultimate touch.</p>
<p>Thanks! I think so too.</p>
<p>Cool project. The chain link is a great detail.</p>
<p>nice idea!</p>

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