Basically all the materials needed, you probably already have lying around your house... Its very simple to make this bomb bag... Watch and learn how to make one that pops real loud... you can modify it  your own way, Im just giving you an idea... Please be careful, this project is not harmful but you should have adult supervision if you're young...THIS IS NOT A REAL BOMB!!!

Follow these simple steps and you'll be having fun in no time....

Step 1: Materials!

You will need the following items...

* 2 bags of chips
* Baking Soda
* Vinegar
* Hot Glue



Oh man, you could have some fun with this!<br /> <br /> Hey Billy!&nbsp;Want some Doritos?&nbsp;Here you go! BAM!!!!<br />
For that really moochie person in your life:&nbsp; &quot;Here!&nbsp; You can have the whole bag.&quot;<br />
Wow! My Nephews will love this!<br />
&nbsp;Funny how everyday&nbsp;items&nbsp;can be made in a bomb. Cool&nbsp;tutorial
Amazing the pressure that creates.
&nbsp;I got to make one of these things.

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