How to Make a Boomerang





Introduction: How to Make a Boomerang

Hello friends, this instructables is about how to make a simplest boomerang. This type of boomerang is very simple to build and throw and catch. Yes, it returns right in hands!

You can watch all process of making this simpliest 4 blade X shape boomerang in my video[VIDEO LINK]

Step 1: Collect Some Wooden Boards

We need 2 piece of wooden board with width about 4 cm, 7mm thick and 30 cm length. You can use another sizes, so there is a space for experiments. Process your boards with sandpaper to make it clean if it's needed.

Step 2: Crosswising

Both blades will be fixed crosswise, one blade inside other blade, at half. So let’s make a groove.

Step 3: Cut Off the Square Piece

Use knife to cut off square middle part and rid of leftovers.

Step 4: Rough Aerodynamics

Now we need to process blades into airplane 's wing shape, it is about ascensional power. Use a knife to shape it.

Step 5: Improved Aerodynamics

Continue with file and sandpaper

Step 6: A Little Drop of Glue

And now it's time to fix blades with glue. Use any glue for wood, or epoxy. Then press blades for a while, and wait the glue to dry.

Step 7: Perfect Aerodynamics!

After this use sandpaper to create a perfect smooth aerodynamic surface. Boomerang is almost done!

Step 8: Heavy Ends

Usually this type of boomerang doesn’t need of tuning and setting, but if it is very light and stops spinning in the end of trajectory, just heavier the ends of blades. Make holes and put sinkers inside them. Fill roughness with glue to reduce air drag.

Step 9: Add Some Paint

Use acrylic paint to make your boomerang colorful and bright. BUT REMEMBER! Never paint boomerang with green color!

Step 10: Flight School

If there is a wind, you need to throw your rang at the angle about 90 degrees from wind. Hold it like this way, and throw in horizontal direction. It will make a loop and return to you along the wind. Catch it with top down "clap" moving of your hands. Just WATCH A VIDEO, I captured a process of throwing and catching with a camera on my head =).

Protect your fingers! Good luck.



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    Класс! Спасибо. А если еще воском покрыть после покраски? :)

    Может чтобы можно было в дождливую погоду бросать :-)

    Nice job, something else to try this summer.

    "never paint green", classic. :)

    Yes, never paint green =)))))

    Note: This is a right-handed ´rang, intended to be thrown with the right hand only. If you throw with the left, you have to mirror-image the whole thing!

    I prefer two-bladers myself, but four-bladers are easier to handle.

    I've tried making boomerangs before, and none of my attempts with more than two blades have worked well. The two blade ones on the other hand are good.

    that looks great, what would the result be if you scaled up or down?for instance would a 1metre by 1metre boomerang fly? Also, instead of carving out the centre, could you just use two thicknesses of wood (leaving a single piece in the centre), it would be easier that way to get a perfect thichness.

    Works, but you can´t just scale ever measure up. The best wing width on such a large ´rang would typically be a lot narrower in proportion. Weight distribution can also be very tricky on large ´rangs.