Picture of How to Make a Boomerang (The Robot Returns with the Dark Kite)
I'd never made a boomerang before, so I thought it was about time.

This is two boomerang projects in one. The instructions for each are remarkable similar, and you can follow the differences in the notes on the images.

Traditional boomerangs have two forms: there are the straight, hunting boomerangs, crafted to fly in a straight line at the target, and the V or banana-shaped returning boomerang. This is the source of The Robot Returns*

Modern boomerangs have more complex, multi-armed shapes, and that is what we are going to try for in Dark Kite, an attempt at my own personalisation of a Batarang.

* A little browsing on the web reveals that boomerangs designs have to have interesting names. Robot Returns is obvious. Dark Kite is Weissensteinburg's fault, following a throwaway comment comparing me to ... somebody else...

Step 1: Materials and tools.

Picture of Materials and tools.
First, pick your material. Plywood is a good starter, and many professionals use nothing else. Apparently beech ply is good, but we are just exploring the possibilities so find a piece of strong ply large enough for your planned design, and about a quarter to half an inch thick.

For tools, you will need a saw capable of cutting complex curves in your ply (such as a coping saw or scroll saw), a selection of rasps and files and sandpaper to finish the shaping. If you can, get a range of "grits", rough to smooth. Clamps or a vice of some description would also be useful.

  • Or you can use what I did, which was a jigsaw and a dremel.

At the testing stage, you may find it useful to treat your boomerang with sanding sealant, to stop water and mud spoiling the wood.

To finish, you will need a tough, waterproof varnish. You may also wish to paint your boomerang, or add your contact details, just in case you lose it.

  • I bought a sheet of beech-faced ply from a local hobby store. With careful planning, it should be enough for about four boomerangs, which makes the raw material cost of them at around a pound each (roughly $2).

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Wow! These look great! Watch out for the magnificent muffin, coming your way!
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  • potatoes*
You messed it up! Your supposed to say a word related to the last word... Get it? bark is on trees...Barks and quacks are sounds, and ducks and quacks go together.
well some plants create potatoes (or tubers), and i thought this was all random.
Umm... layers
oak wood
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Wait no maple wood
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