Step 5: The arrow

Picture of The arrow
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The arrow can be made out of either a branch or a wooden dowel. I find the the wooden dowels work the best; however, I will show how to make one out of a branch because it includes an extra step that the dowel does not. If you have a dowel you can skip this step...

The first thing to do is to trim off the bark from the branch. The bark adds on weight that we don't want, and makes the arrow rougher. To do this just take a knife and widdle the bark off of the stick, but make sure to leave two inches of bark at the base of the arrow, this bark will be used to glue on to in the next step. Next if you want to, you can sand the arrow down to reduce drag and to improve the accuracy but it really isn't needed.
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i killed a sea gull attacking my cat with this thanks mate! i owe u 1
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