Step 7: How to use your bow and arrow

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In the movies they make shooting a bow and arrow look like a piece of cake, but its not! Hold the bow with your weaker arm in the middle of the bow. Then grip the arrow with your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers each in between one of the paper feathers. Pull back the arrow against the string as far as you can, and watch the arrow fly, you will be amazed by how far this easy to build bow can shoot.
yoyinsola2 years ago
thanks for the post
use a thin cane as ashaft for the arrow it makes th errow extremely light and will fly further
Keli333 years ago
Hey, what kind of string did you use?
What kind of string is the best for bow strings?
ethiran3 years ago
i think you must use a nylon string not a string
esmith373 years ago
The fletching on an arrow shouldn't come that close to the nock. You want enough space for your fingers to fit between the nock and the fletching. Then you can draw the bow properly, using all your finger strength. Just curl the fingertips of your index, middle and ring finger around the string with the arrow between your index and middle finger.
btw firstly a notch in the bottom at the side of the arrow is more reliable than a slit in the bottom and secondly the arrow is to be held with the thumb and the index finger ( the first crease from tip of finger)
chadwell7 years ago
people just go to walmart with 3 dlars and buy an actual arrow that works garanteed
rugnor chadwell5 years ago
im from spain and here we dont have wallmarts(in fact where i live there arent shops that sell thing like that at all)
Billgun rugnor4 years ago
Yeah u have Walmarts, ASDA or something is europes walmart but trust me theres a walmart in just about every single country on earth wal-mart is a HUGE company
Yeah, we have ASDA in the UK but you'll never find arrows in there!
australia dont have it
 sandy4444s new account: not walmart! walmart does not carry green day cds.
and its for people hoo cant afford to go to real stores

alfonso (author)  chadwell7 years ago
Thats probably the way to go if you want to spend money. But if you want to make a arrow to mess around with, this will work just fine.
your not supposed to hold the arrow your supposed to pull back the string either to your ear or just under your eye and also your supposed to have notches on the arrow
if uve ever shot a REAL bow, it is a piece of cake(minus tha fact that u have to hit tha target XD).real arrows have notches in tha back end for tha bow string to hold onto,so u dont have to hold it with 3 fingers.plus those arrow "veins"(feathers) look as if they would give u 3 good paper cuts after shooting tha arrowDX.but other than that, tha bow is great;D
Ditz5 years ago
I'm just saying that that's not a good way to hold an arrow. I'm not sure about the correct way, but I am sure that that isn't it.
superxj96 years ago
all of these comments are really good help if you want to build a bow thanks.
gm20106 years ago
question for u what kinds string is it you used in this
i have a question! well when i made mine i already had a bow so i just used it but when i made the arrow out of a wooden skewer< the feathers touch the bow p.s. its not a real bow it is the bow that u shoot those fake arrows that stick to windows plz help me!! ty
Frankie1746 years ago
how do you kill;l a mockingbird?
so, what, do u just sharpen the end of the stick? I don't wana hurt someone, but a pointed arrow will fly farther and straighter than a blunt tip, plus you can kill squirrels and stuff... Joke!
what kind of string did you use?