Picture of How to Make a Brass Flower
Prom was coming up, and I found myself actually having a date. Through whatever set of circumstances, my girlfriend challenged me to make the centerpiece for her corsage myself, so, being a studious maker, I gathered up the odds and ends at my disposal and got to work on a flower. I didn't really know where to start, so I just Googled 'Corsage' and looked for something simple enough to make out of some brass sheet I had been saving for some unknown purpose. My search was over when I found an orchid. It was delightfully simple; it had just six petals that were easy enough to pattern with pencil and paper. I cut out the patterns, then traced them onto the brass and cut them out. I cleaned up the edges with a file and then bent them into shape with two pairs of needle-nosed pliers. I made several attempts at soldering them together until, after many singed fingers and muttered curses, I succeeded at long last. I ended up with two very similar, yet unique, brass orchids. The night of prom comes and goes with all due celebration as they must, for I would wonder endlessly at the occasion if I had never attended one personally. In the early afternoon of the day after, I log in to instructables to peek around and whatnot, and I decide that the world should know about my creation. And thusly will I humbly present the documentation and commentary of the making of a third brass orchid.

This flower can be finished in about two hours. There is no mandatory down time and it is a moderately easy project.
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johnny082 years ago
is it messed up that soldering is harder for me then it is to weld haha
This is very well written , and creative! You make me want to try to solder, and, make it seem not so scary! LOL! :D