Step 1: Things You Will Need and Where to Find Them

The items I used and where I got them are as follows:

-Needle nose pliers: Any hardware store

-Rosin Core soldering wire: Radio Shack

-A butane torch: Home Depot, but I believe Lowe's has them too.

-Butane refill for torch: Home Depot

-Lighter: Grocery store, dollar store, department store, sporting goods store.

-Files: Hardware store. To clarify, I only used the machine file on this project, but just about any metal cutting file will do.

-Copper Wire: Hobby store- Michael's

-Brass sheet: Michael's

-Aviation shears: Lowe's

-Hammer and Striking surface: I got the hammer at Lowe's, and the striking surface is a bit of 3/16" metal plate

-Safety Glasses: Hardware store or department store. Should be used during soldering operations.

is it messed up that soldering is harder for me then it is to weld haha
This is very well written , and creative! You make me want to try to solder, and, make it seem not so scary! LOL! :D

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