How to Make a Brass Flower


Step 1: Things you will need and where to find them

The items I used and where I got them are as follows:

-Needle nose pliers: Any hardware store

-Rosin Core soldering wire: Radio Shack

-A butane torch: Home Depot, but I believe Lowe's has them too.

-Butane refill for torch: Home Depot

-Lighter: Grocery store, dollar store, department store, sporting goods store.

-Files: Hardware store. To clarify, I only used the machine file on this project, but just about any metal cutting file will do.

-Copper Wire: Hobby store- Michael's

-Brass sheet: Michael's

-Aviation shears: Lowe's

-Hammer and Striking surface: I got the hammer at Lowe's, and the striking surface is a bit of 3/16" metal plate

-Safety Glasses: Hardware store or department store. Should be used during soldering operations.

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