Picture of How to Make a Bump Key
A Bump key is a method of picking a lock. It is basically a key with that has been filed down to
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need:
1 Key
1 Round File

Step 2: Filing the key

Picture of Filing the key
Notice where the bumps are on the key. File all of the bumps down so they are equal heights. Also file between the bumps.

Step 3: Using a Bump key

To use your bump key, look at the Scam School video on YouTube. Be Responsible!
s55 (author) 1 year ago
Hi, I just wanted to say that Comic Geek helped me with this one and you should check out his Instructables.
If you don't finish an instructable you can click save and exit without publishing it. Then when you want to finish it just go to your regular published instructables page and on the white with orange words on it just above your instructables and click unpublished, that is a similar page but contains your saved unpublished instructables.