How to Make a Buttercream Oil Painting on a Cake & Pipe Bluebells





Introduction: How to Make a Buttercream Oil Painting on a Cake & Pipe Bluebells

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Ever fancied making a piece of art you could eat? Today's your lucky day, in this instructable I'm going to show you how to do just that! Make a beautiful all-edible buttercream landscape and learn to pipe bluebells, all shown step by step. If you're the impatient type, click the video link now, otherwise read on!

While we're here :

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Step 1: Prepare!

To make the cake you'll need the following:
About 2 cups of buttercream of your choice (I used my own Egg-free swiss buttercream recipe - SEBC for short - recipe vid coming soon)
5 piping bags filled with buttercream in the colours shown in the image above
Appropriate piping tips fitted or bags cut (see my vid for making the leaf tip here:
Palette knife or offset spatula
A smooth iced 6" cake

Now to get started!

Step 2: Watch the Video!

Learn how to make your oil painted landscape and pipe those flowers by watching how, step by step! If you haven't clicked already here's the link again:

You now have your delicious buttercream masterpiece! Hurrah!

Step 3: Enjoy Your Art! (and Cake!)

Sit back and marvel at how easy that was, or resolve to keep practicing, depending on how it went! Either way, be proud, you did great!

Now all that's left to do is cut yourself a slice & enjoy :)

Hope you liked this tutorial, please visit my channel for more,

Best wishes,
Sawsen :)



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    This is amazing ! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us :)

    You definitely have my vote!

    Wow, how pretty! What a wonderful idea.

    seriously, the cake idea is fantastic, but I really don't want to cut myself, pieces or any other way

    Wow! Work of art! Beautiful