At first I felt guilty for wasting a whole Cadbury egg and two slices of bread for the sake of an April Fool's blog post, but then I realized I'm going to eat this. Who's the fool now?

Step 1: Microwave Your Peep for Approx. 30 Seconds Until Deformed

Step 2: Spread It on Your Bread

(do this really fast 'cause it hardens quicker than you'd think)

Step 3: Get Your Egg

Step 4: Mash It Up

(do it in a clear bowl so you can see it -- getting hungry, huh?)

Step 5: Spread It Onto Your Bread

Step 6: Enjoy!

I&nbsp;think that pound cake would taste better than bread...<br />
whats the prank part
that you made this disgusting sandwich. haha, get it?!<br />
lol... it does not look apetizing.
That is, quite possibly, the best sounding sandiwch EVER.&nbsp; I'm going into sugar-coma just looking at it!&nbsp; Now I know what I'm doing with all that leftover Easter candy.&nbsp; Wooohooooooo!
I disagree with most people, in that this looks delicious. However, I would recommend a thiner, less crunchy bread, like a thin slice of sourdough. Sounds good!&nbsp;:D<br />
What is a &quot;peep&quot;?<br /> <br /> L<br />
It's a marshmallow formed into the likeness of a chick (traditionally, more forms are available now) dyed yellow and coated with sugar.<br />
I get it now, but it sounds about as appealing as a Creme Egg. Thank you.<br /> <br /> L<br />
They are only about the tastiest bird shaped sugary snacks ever!<br />
Wow...I thought Cadbury Eggs were gross.&nbsp; You just took it to the next level.<br />
Congratulation! You've created something even more disgusting than real egg salad!<br />
i dunno cuz, i just, dont know.<br /> I dont think we get those peep things in Australia anyway, so im cool with it:D<br />

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