Picture of How to Make a Cadbury Egg Salad Sandwich
At first I felt guilty for wasting a whole Cadbury egg and two slices of bread for the sake of an April Fool's blog post, but then I realized I'm going to eat this. Who's the fool now?

Step 1: Microwave your peep for approx. 30 seconds until deformed

Picture of Microwave your peep for approx. 30 seconds until deformed

ItsTheHobbs5 years ago
I think that pound cake would taste better than bread...
whats the prank part
amberica20 (author)  retrac.noremac5 years ago
that you made this disgusting sandwich. haha, get it?!
lol... it does not look apetizing.
jenjenbug5 years ago
That is, quite possibly, the best sounding sandiwch EVER.  I'm going into sugar-coma just looking at it!  Now I know what I'm doing with all that leftover Easter candy.  Wooohooooooo!
The Daft5 years ago
I disagree with most people, in that this looks delicious. However, I would recommend a thiner, less crunchy bread, like a thin slice of sourdough. Sounds good! :D
lemonie5 years ago
What is a "peep"?

It's a marshmallow formed into the likeness of a chick (traditionally, more forms are available now) dyed yellow and coated with sugar.
I get it now, but it sounds about as appealing as a Creme Egg. Thank you.

reedz lemonie5 years ago
They are only about the tastiest bird shaped sugary snacks ever!
Decepticon5 years ago
Wow...I thought Cadbury Eggs were gross.  You just took it to the next level.
Congratulation! You've created something even more disgusting than real egg salad!
craig35 years ago
i dunno cuz, i just, dont know.
I dont think we get those peep things in Australia anyway, so im cool with it:D