Introduction: How to Make a Candle Out of an Orange

This instructable will show you how to make a candle out of an orange, mandarin, clementine (or any other citrus fruit) in just a couple of minutes. These candles can burn for hours and make a homely glowing orange light.

(The video also has 'The science part' which explains the science behind your candle. This can be educational for younger viewers and, using this as a guide, you can sneakily teach kids some science by making an orange candle with them!)

Step 1: Thoroughly Wash Your Orange Peel

Picture of Thoroughly Wash Your Orange Peel

You'll see why in a minute...

Step 2: Cut Around the Middle of Your Orange

Picture of Cut Around the Middle of Your Orange

Hold your orange at the two ends and cut all around its circumference with a blunt knife.

Step 3: Separate the Peel From the Orange

Picture of Separate the Peel From the Orange

Carefully separate the peel from the orange - be careful not to tear the peel.

Step 4: Pull the Skin Off the Orange

Picture of Pull the Skin Off the Orange

Carefully pull the skin off the orange, taking care not to break the pith (the white fibres in the middle of the orange segments) as this will become our wick.

Step 5: Eat the Orange

Picture of Eat the Orange

Oranges are good for you!

Step 6: Eat the Peel!

Picture of Eat the Peel!

Inspect the two halves of orange peel. One half will hopefully have a nice long pith 'wick' and this is the one we will use for our candle. The other half wil probably have no wick and may even have a hole in it. This is no good to us, so let's go ahead and eat it!

Yes, you'll probably make strange involuntary faces whilst eating the super-zesty orange peel, but it is edible, and (as long as it has been washed thoroughly to remove any pesticides) is believed to have health benefits.

If you don't believe me, 'google it'!

Step 7: Add Your Oil

Picture of Add Your Oil

Put your pith-containing orange peel on a glass or ceramic plate (as a fire precaution).

Top up your orange half with oil, making sure you soak the pith 'wick' as you pour it in. Leave some wick sticking up out of the oil.

Step 8: Light Your Orange Candle!

Picture of Light Your Orange Candle!

Get a long reach lighter (so you don't burn your fingers) and light your candle. This will take quite a while - if you want to know why, keep watching the video until 'The science part' where I talk about the science behind our orange candle.

*Younger viewers, please get permission from an adult before lighting your candle. If they ask why you want to do this, tell them it's an educational science experiment - they will be more likely to say yes!*

Well done, you have just made a candle out of an orange and have made the world a brighter place!

Do you have any tips or tricks? If so, please leave them below.

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Pepex150 made it! (author)2017-01-04

really cool!! :)

Random Chris (author)Pepex1502017-03-15

Brilliant, thanks for your comment and for uploading the photo! Cheers, Chris :-)

Random Chris (author)Pepex1502017-01-04


leshtata (author)2017-01-04

Cool idea. I'll see if I can try it with a different oil to see if I can get release some smell(maybe coconut oil).

Random Chris (author)leshtata2017-01-28

One of my viewers on YouTube tried coconut oil and apparently it smelt great! :-)

Random Chris (author)leshtata2017-01-04

Good idea Leshtata, let us know if it smells good with coconut oil!

Shashicad (author)2017-01-10

Nice one dude..Simplicity at its best :)

Check this out..You might like it..

Swansong (author)2017-01-03

Cool, does it make the whole house smell like oranges?

nanaverm (author)Swansong2017-01-05

I'm wondering if you turned the orange inside out, put in a tea candle for the wick, if the orange oil from the peel would smell from the heat. I know this would defeat the idea of a candle just from the orange, but...

Random Chris (author)nanaverm2017-01-05

If it's scent you're after, this would probably work... You can put orange peel on top of radiators in the house and as it dries it gives off a mild citrus smell, so your candle idea should work in a similar way! Cheers, Chris ?

Random Chris (author)Swansong2017-01-03

Hi there Swansong!

I'd love to be able to say yes but the truth is not really! To be honest it's pretty odour-free when using olive oil. You can only really smell anything once you extinguish the flame - for a few seconds it gives of a little bit of smoke (like with any candle I suppose).

It's a fun little project though, and it gives a room a really nice homely feel. :-)


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