How to Make a Candle Wick





Introduction: How to Make a Candle Wick

Did you know that you can make a candle wick out of household items? In this Instructable I will demonstrate how to make a candle wick out of common household supplies. 

Step 1: Supplys

-cotton string

Step 2: Melting the Wax

First, cut the string to size. Then, melt the wax and soak the string in it. Finally, take out the string with the pliers and let the wick cool off.

Step 3: Finshed

Once the string has cooled off, you can put it to use in a candle.



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Does anyone have any tips for senting candles? All I have is pepermint and I don't know how that would smell with crayons.

Depends, where do U want to 'sent' it to??? L0L

Anything oild based I use Wilton treatology. They smell amazing my favorite sent is warm cinnamon graham

essential oils...either bought or homemead...can be made with herb of your choice steeped in extra virgin olive oil (preferably extra virgin) for three days then strain thru pantyhose or cheesecloth and there is your essential oil! add to your wax when it is melted right before you set your candles...scented! enjoy!

If I were you I would, take any of your essential oils. Or you can melt your fruit smell or something like in pot. This is what I did I used strawberries. First I put the strawberries in a pot then I had them sizzling for about 2 minutes then I put the wax in and mixed it in. Put it in the glass cup or whatever you are using to for the candle. I took some mod modge painted it on the sides of the cup and put up sprinkles in the bottom and put my hand over the top the cup and shook the cup around till there was so ankles over all of the sides of the cup. And let it dry first though. Hopefully this will answer your question

Lighter went out... was still too drunk to be wandering around public... So i came across this article trying to make a candle so i didn't have to get up and light a marlboro off the stove... The string i had wasn't cotton... like mylar or some petroleum based string i bought to run trot lines when fishing... that did not work as a candle wick... so i seen a napkin lying there and a spool of sewing thread... rolled up the napkin tight, but i left like a 1/8th inch thickness to it. Wrapped that in sewing thread. it did turn my white candle wax black. but i was able to secure my homemade wick at the bottom of the candle i was using... the wick was too thin and it burned the center down out of the candle... after i attached my wick, i melted some wax i cut off the candle cylinder i was working with until everything was level. trimmed my homemade wick and yeah it works. it don't smell the best... but it did light a marlboro. and it didn't burn up fast like the thin wick that came with the candle when i bought it. Thanks for the iDIYa. got me out of a pinch.

If your lighter went out, how did you light the wick, just asking just incase my lighter ever goes out lol?

a little trick i learned in prison. take a empty BIC lighter. hold it sideways at SLIGHT downward angle. GENTLY roll the wheel but DON'T spark it. the goal is to get a small pile of flint powder to accumulate in the side of the metal guard that wraps around the front of the lighter. once enough powdered flint is gathered, you can then spark it and it will flame for a few seconds. I never throw away lighters. Never know when you'll need one. also theres a tattoo needle and guide inside a BIC also.

Wait- How did you light the your new candle wick?