Picture of How to Make a Candle Wick
Did you know that you can make a candle wick out of household items? In this Instructable I will demonstrate how to make a candle wick out of common household supplies. 
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Step 1: Supplys

Picture of Supplys
-cotton string

Step 2: Melting the wax

Picture of Melting the wax
First, cut the string to size. Then, melt the wax and soak the string in it. Finally, take out the string with the pliers and let the wick cool off.

Step 3: Finshed

Picture of Finshed
Once the string has cooled off, you can put it to use in a candle.
kiaya.moroney4 months ago

Can i use normal string or is it not the same??

AnnaS26 months ago

*Supplies :)

Cool! I'm going to do this sometime!

JamesM167 months ago

100% cotton yarn is good too.

LillianaA7 months ago

How would you do the wire in it? I didnt really understand...

Bret168 months ago

Will any glass container do or does it have to be special hardened glass ?

sgfidlin (author)  Bret168 months ago

Any glass should work fine

MeganT110 months ago

This works amazingly! Thanks!

Can you braid the twine? It would be easier to braid the wick around wire (if you are using wire). Also I've seen just your regular 3 strand braid and a square braid type of wick.. Anyone know how to square braid? How many strands? Also, if you are braiding at all, does anyone know how much longer to cut the strings so after braiding, it'll be close to the size you want? Thanks! Wild Whippet Woman BTW LOVE THIS SITE!!!!

ironsmiter1 year ago
if you want to be super wick master, a thin piece of wire run in the cotton thread before waxing, wil give it that stiffness you've come to expect from commercial wicks
Hi, do you have an instructable on that? I made wick today- about a meter in length. It's quite rigid but always interested in other ideas.
No ible on that... but it is so super simple, you will probably laugh.

Take a piece of florist wire(or any other thin, stiff wire), slightly sharpen one end, and skewer the cotton wick onto it.

3 foot long wick? that is probably a little beyond what i would call a wick. Unless you are making a candle to power a lighthouse!
If it is not for a candle.... although you CAN make it yourself, you are probably better off ordering it from someplace like http://www.seriousjuggling.com/kevlar-fire-wick.htm
The long wick is chopped into 1 inch lengths and used in either spent tea light wick holders or a homemade wick holder.

I like the idea of the sharpened wire, thank you!
If you didn't want to reuse the tealight base.
I've added a quick 3 image Paperclip wick. In the final image, you can see the very tip of the metal sticking out of the yarn.

Metal twist ties(like off of a bag of bagels) work even better. the wire is much thinner, but still plenty stiff. An added bonus for tea lights is, the metal conducts the heat, melting the wax better.
Yes, I like this- similar to what I do- in my instructables. A friend has just devised another floating wick using a tea light cup (minus the tea light) as a boat- he has two versions- one is you make a hole in the base- pushing a sharp pointed tool through from the bottom without turning the tea light cup over- doing it this way means that after you insert your wick you can use your fingers or pliers to crimp the hole closed. The other one he does is still using the tea light holder as a boat but he attaches the springs from clothes pegs to the edges, he has maybe two or three then he can burn three wicks.
All the photos are on my group- you're most welcome to join and share your ideas
I did my first instructable today- it was also on making wick, a longer length. Iy might interest you :)