Step 5: Step 4: Play in the Water!!

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Step 4: Now that our canoe is built its time to hit the pool!

lets say i did this but made it larger and coated it in fiberglass... would that work for a full sized human in an actual river/lake (or any "real" body of water)?
vatosupreme (author)  bob.the.devil3 years ago
This isn't the most stable design for full fledgged canoing. There are other patterns out there with a "flatter" bottom that you could use. However I think that the construction method should work.
thank you. i will try it next season. well build it over the winter, use it next season, if it works i am going to use pvc to make joints and saw it in half, so i can slide it together and duct tape it annually (for easy storage) if i do that i will deff post a ling to my work on here so you can see it :D
randometry3 years ago
I helped my daughter build a cardboard boat for a physics class project when she was in high school. The rules were - nothing was to be used except, cardboard, brown paper and elmers-type (non-waterproof) glue. Any painting on the boat had to be above the waterline and the boat had to last for 1 pass up and back in an olympic size pool.

If I were doing a project like this for a home pool, I'd use a good waterproof glue and paper mache the exterior using the same glue. Then a good coat of paint would finish off the water proofing.

If I had a pool I'd be trying different designs all the time. It was a cool project.
arduinoboy4 years ago
You could use a hot air gun to melt wax over it after you tape the joints.
rrhyne564 years ago
This is delightful! Thank you! Something that came to mind is wax covered cardboard used for boxes of meat. I suppose there are as many ways of water-proofing as the imagination can come up with.

At any rate this is the best pool toy I've seen in some while.
andygreene4 years ago
Awesome. You could fiberglass the boat and it might last forever....

back in 8th grade art, we made cardboard and paper maché models of old civil war boats. We coated them with some kind of waterproof paint. I can't remember what it was called, but something like that might be an alternative to packing tape.

I am inspired! I will try to build one of these for my kids. now to find some big cardboard!
jgderuvo4 years ago
Awesome design. How long did it last in the water?
This is so cool! how did you get it to the perfect length? This is a perfect project for us. we have a 3 yr old lil sister and a back yard pool.